22 Foods That Last A Long Time Without Refrigeration

Did you know there are some organic, cheap foods that last a long time? Some people try to store cans and some types of frozen foods to use when needed. But these foods have a specific shelf life that spoils after their expiration, so it is necessary to store other types of foods that last a long time, in anticipation of emergency conditions with which it is difficult to reach the stores to buy food.

In some cases, such as wars and natural disasters, many find themselves unable to purchase the basic foods that keep them alive, so Business Insider provides the most important foods that should be available at home in moments of emergency. In the following article, we will know some foods that can be kept for many years without spoiling, but with conditions.

Foods that last a long time without refrigeration

There are many foods that are not suitable for eating after the passage of days of their purchase, and in contrast, there are some foods that can remain for thousands of years without being damaged, if they are stored in the correct methods.

We know the most important of these foods and their instructions for storing them to ensure that they are preserved as long as possible.

Foods that last a long time without refrigeration

1. Honey

Honey is one of the best foods that last a long time without refrigeration. Because of the low water content in honey, and the high level of sugar in it, it remains for thousands of years fit for use, because this property prevents the growth of bacteria inside it.

We remember in 2015 when scientists found honey samples that were not rotten in Egypt, and whose existence dates back 3,000 years.

The only change that may affect honey is that it can become more coherent over time, and this can be overcome by heating it up a little

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Foods that last a long time without refrigeration
White Rice

2. White Rice- foods that last a long time without refrigeration

Researchers have found that white rice can remain usable for 30 years if it is stored in bags or containers free of oxygen and at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius, while brown rice does not last for more than 6 months.

It’s hard to find a more varied food than rice: you can eat it alone, with vegetables or beans, in soups, with meat, in sushi, and more. You can even use it to help keep your electronics from water damage. Additionally, rice is very cheap and often comes in large quantities.

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Soy souce- Foods that last a long time without refrigeration
Japanese Yamaroku Aged 4 Years Soy Sauce”Tsuru Bisiho”

3. Soy sauce

The period during which the soy sauce can remain before it is damaged varies depending on the brand, and in all cases, the soy sauce lasts for a very long time if the packaging has not been opened, and even after opening it can continue for years in the refrigerator.

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4. Sugar

Like other items on this list, sugar can last for a long time if it is stored inside airtight containers away from moisture.

Dried beans- Foods that last a long time without refrigeration
Dried Beans

5. Dried beans

As with rice, researchers at the University of Birmingham have found that dried beans can still be usable after 30 years if stored in the correct manner.

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Maple Syrup- Foods that last a long time without refrigeration (2)
Butternut Mountain Farm Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

6. Pure maple syrup

Thanks to its ability to resist the growth of germs, pure maple syrup has the ability to stay for a long time without being damaged, and researchers say that this drink can remain forever like honey if it is stored properly.

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7. Milk powder

Although the taste of powdered milk is less good than fresh milk, it is characterized by its ability to remain undamaged for long periods and is easy to transport and store at home. You can easily consider it as an item in your long life survival foods list.

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8. Distilled white vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is used to add a distinct flavor to the salad, and at the same time it can be used to sterilize wounds, etc., and white vinegar is characterized by its ability to stay for many years without being damaged.

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10. Cornstarch

Corn starch is also one of the foods that can maintain its quality for a long period of time as long as it is stored well and away from moisture and heat

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11. Salt

Salt has been used for centuries as a preservative for many types of foods because it removes moisture from foods and prevents rotting, and although adding iodine reduces the shelf life of the salt, it can remain undamaged for up to 5 years.

12. Peanut Butter

Foods that last a long time without refrigeration
Peanut Butter & Co. Smooth Operator Peanut Butter

With the lack of moisture inside and many oils, peanut butter can withstand time for three to five years. “The high volume of fat and vitamin E found in abundance in peanut butter prevent oxidation and extend its shelf life for a long time,” says Richard Volks, chief scientist at the Food Research Institute.

“Rancidity”, which is worse than it appears, can infiltrate peanut butter nine to 12 months after its acquisition if it has not been stored properly, as the oxygen inside it infiltrates where it decomposes and the flavor and smell of the product becomes less appetizing.

In tough times, “eating expired peanut butter will not cause you any harm, everything that will get its flavor will only get worse,” says Maribeth Cousin, a professor of nutrition science at Purdue University.

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13. long life survival foods- Dried legumes

Dried legumes-Foods that last a long time without refrigeration
Dried legumes

You can keep dried legumes for long years when they are dried, the percentage of sugars increases and the amount of water decreases, so the bacteria do not grow and do not spoil.

To ensure that dried legumes are preserved for long periods, they must be placed in a dry place without any moisture, as well as in airtight containers so that air does not leak into them.

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14. Raw chocolates- foods that last a long time

It is meant by black chocolate to which milk was not added. Adding milk contributes to speeding up its spoilage process. It is worth noting that this chocolate can last for more than two years if used in a dry place.

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15. Some candies hold up to a year

The American National Association of Confectioners claims that most sweets can last up to a year. Hard candy, black chocolate, jelly candies, and caramel bottles hold up for a year, while chewing gum, milk chocolate, and white chocolate last for no more than six to nine months. So add this to your long life survival foods list.

“There is a difference between edible sweets and delicious sweets,” says Fadi Armoni, professor of nutrition science at Kansas State University, meaning that their taste will decrease over time but will still be consumable though

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16. The dried meat also lasts for a full year

Dried meat- Foods that last a long time without refrigeration
Dried Meat

Dried meat is a popular topic among those struggling to survive, and it is without a doubt a guaranteed way to get protein when your resources are scarce.

Dried steaks of salt and hot pepper prepared at home last for up to two months, according to the US Department of Agriculture, and by using a dryer instead of the oven, and tightly closing it inside a vacuum bottle, freezing the meat may increase its shelf life for a longer period.

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17. Soup cubes may last longer than they expire

These flavored and dried cubes, especially if they are vegetarian, can withstand more than a year after they expire, and as long as moisture creeps into them, they may become unappetizing over time, but they will not cause any harm with that.

10. Fruits, vegetables, soups, and canned meats may last from 1 to 5 years:
Usually with a validity period of several years; Tinned food can stand up to longer in time when properly stored. Everything from canned pineapple chips to canned meat will stay fresh for a significant amount of time.

According to the US Department of Agriculture: “Canned foods with high acid levels (tomatoes and fruits for example) maintain their quality from 12 to 18 months, while canned foods with low acid levels (such as vegetables and meat) maintain their quality for a period of 2 to 5 Years”. Because of the corrosion and rust factor, canned foods cannot be stored forever

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18. Instant coffee is the way to supply caffeine for a long period of time

The instant coffee packages that are stored in the refrigerator last for almost eternity, while the instant coffee packages that are stored in the pantry last between two to 20 years, because this product does not contain any sugar, fat, or moisture in it of any kind.

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19. Harsh biscuits last longer than their combined ingredients

The flour does not last for only one year, but by mixing flour, salt, and water, we can prepare tough biscuits that may last for a few years, which is the type of biscuit that gained great popularity during the American Civil War, as it was provided to soldiers within their food rations.

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20. Pure vanilla extract lasts forever

In order to make some of your foods tastier, you need to store some of the pure vanilla extract, which lasts forever and the quality and flavor of it get better over time because it is made up of 35 percent of alcohol.

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21. Pasta and noodles

You can store dry noodles in a dry, cool cabinet for 8 months without spoiling. Look for pasta items made with whole wheat or vegetables to get the highest nutritional content. So Pasta and noodles are some of the best foods that last a long time.

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22. Nuts are one of the foods that last a long time

When she buys nuts still in her shells, she will keep them for a year. If you bought packaged nuts without their shells, you will keep them for about four months.

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