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A slimming drink easy to make and reduce belly fat very quickly

Have you got tired of too much exercise and dieting? But still, there is no difference? Diet and exercise cannot reduce the fat of the stomach? So this is a great slimming drink for you. You can make this drink yourself with a few componentsThe taste is good, there are no side effects at the same time. And yes, the stomach fat will reduce because It works like magic.
Then let’s see Dr. Michelle’s Super Fat-Busting Green Tea Lemonade Recipe.

To prepare these best weight loss drinks whatever you need


1. 6 green tea teabag

 2. 250 ml of pure water,

3. 4 lemon juice,

4. 10-20 drops of liquid stevia (stevia is a type of plant whose leaves are sweet like sugar, it has lots of use as a substitute for sugar, if you do not find it, use the substitute of traditional sugar, Which are for diabetic patients), 

If liquid stevia is not available in your locality then you can buy it online. Just click on the image.

5. Ice cubes,

6. Fresh mint leaves.


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How to be prepared green tea drink:

Pour the boiling water into the 6 green tea bags in a glass. So leave the T-Bag for two minutes. Add lemon juice and stevia by cooling the water with a few pieces of ice.

A slimming drink,easy to make and reduce belly fat very quickly

Do not forget to give the mint leaves before serving. Now here are your slimming drinks made from natural ingredients. Now you can make Super Fat-Busting Green Tea Lemonade at home and get away from the fat body in the stomach. You can get better results if can drink 2/3 glasses in a day. Drink it instead of any drink.

You cant consume Green Tea whenever you want to take it. You should know how and when to consume Green tea. Check this article

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