Borhani making at home with yogurt-salted mint lassi

To bring some relief to the heat of summer, the quality of the yogurt is infinite(1). There is more vitamin ‘B’, calcium and potassium than milk in the yogurt. There are no carbohydrate and fat in it. Yogurt is made by bacterial fermentation of milk that boosts our digestive health. It produces the same good bacteria found in our gut. Yogurt contains additional good bacteria named probiotics. It helps to prevent disease and cure. Regularly starting to eat yogurt, its results are available as well. The most popular method of eating yogurt is to make borhani and drink as other milkshakes. 

 How to make borhani at home


-Sweet yogurt 1 kg,

-Sour yogurt 1 cup

-Malai one and a half cup,

-Almond nut 4 tablespoons,

-poppy seed paste 1 tablespoon,

-2 tablespoons of mustard powder,

-Salt to taste

“Himalayan black salt” or Bit salt 1 table-spoon,

-Mint paste 2 tablespoons,

-Green chili paste 2 teaspoons or as you wish

-Black pepper powder, one and half a teaspoon,

-Cumin powder one and half a teaspoon,

-Coriander powder one and a half tablespoon,

-Water (Understanding the density of the yogurt) Borahani will not be thin, not too thick)

-Tamarind sauce

borhani-salted mint lassi

1. Mix Two cups of water with all spices and should be strained with a strainer.

2. All materials must be mixed well or blended together. If needed, add more water

3. Store in refrigerator and then serve in a glass.

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