Instant juice, which can be preserved for a month

Instant juice is a super easy process to serve something to your friends or guests.There was a time when we used to buy instant powders from the market to make instant juice. If there were any guests that were actually the best serving. Now we can make lots of juice, instantly. Blend lemon, mangopineapple or any other fruits whatever you like with ice cubes, and sugar, the drink is ready.

But all the time do we have so much energy? What if you can make such a juice that would be prepared only by mixing it with water or any other clear soft drinks. Which would be healthy and refreshing as well!


1. 12 lemons (small size 15)

2. Ginger 150 grams

3. Sugar 4/5 cups (depends up to you)

4. 2 cups of water

Instant juice, which can be preserved for a month

How to make this instant juice:

1. Blend the ginger in a blender very well. Then strain the juice into a bowl with a strainer.

2.Take out the juice of a lemon.

3. Heat a pan on the stove. Add two cups of water. Then add sugar to the pan. Turn it well.

4. Now you have to do one thing. Put the juice of ginger in the bowl carefully and pour it into the other bowl. You might see a white layer below the bowl. Drop the layer. Do this two or three times until you get a transparent solution.

5. Mix the ginger juice with sugar and water syrup in the pan. Keep aside for a while.

6. Combine this with lemon juice.

** Cool this mixture and you can keep it in the freezer for one month. When you have to make sharbat or juice, take ice cubes in a glass. Then put one teaspoon of this mixture in the glass. Fill the glass with pure water. You can decorate with mint leaves and lemon slices if you want.

** Instead of water at the glass, you can mix any clean soft drinks (sprite, seven-up).

You can prepare delicious lemon Ginger juice or drinks by following the instruction of Times Food

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