How to be good in this hot summer?


Anyone can get sick at any time in the tragic heat. The temperature of the human body continued to rise as the temperature rose. So if someone can master their body’s ability to keep the temperature normal, then it is possible to get rid of the illness.

1. Reduce physical activity

There is no need to exercise more in the summer. Exercise will increase body temperature. However, exercising to maintain physical fitness should be limited. Forget about getting scratched through exercise; Rather keep this thought away for winter. Take a walk in the open air or swim some time early in the morning. Well, nothing more.

How to be good in this hot

2. Drink water

Due to sweat came out of the body with plenty of water. You need to drink a lot more water to fill that water. Naturally, the temperature of the body increases in summer. Want to keep body cells alive? Muscle cannot work properly when there is a lack of water in the body. So keep up with where you are in severe heat, with plastic bottled water.

* Add natural ingredients instead of water to increase taste or to exhaust. Such as lemon juice, orange juice, mint leaves. These are more beneficial than the purchased drinks. Coconut water also has electrolytes, which will remove the fatigue

3. Eat more liquid food

Forget about different meat, eggs, and fat foods. Eat more liquid food; You’ll see the body looks pretty fresh. Eat soup, fruit juice. Do not exclude vegetables. Salt is going out of the body to sweat. You can eat saline water. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables repeatedly. There are lots of water in cucumber, watermelon, melon, Malta, lava, etc. These are ideal food during the summer.

How to be good in this hot

4. Dress in light colors

The warm colors of the dark colors absorb the sunlight. But the light color reflects as much as the sun does not absorb. So you will feel comfortable just wearing light color clothes, but this dress will keep your body cool. The best is the white color. Never wear synthetic clothing in summer. Always wear cotton yarn and loose clothes.

If you feel hot, then do not wear heavy and hard smell perfumes. Strong perfumes will increase the heat of your body. At this time, put a light smell perfume. There are some perfumes that feel cold in the body. Search today


6. Avoid smoking.

If you have smoking habits, then leave it. Smoking will generate heat in the body, Increasing skin dryness. Try a Vitamin C tablet.

7. Leave tea, coffee, and alcohol.

These will cause adverse reactions in your body, increase the dehydration. Just drink water to satisfy your thirst. Avoid soft drinks. Tea, coffee or alcohol. These enhance the body’s metabolism and temperature. The same thing is also in the case of spicy food or fast food.

8. Avoid sunlight.

Try to walk through the shadow. Keep in mind when you go to sunshine, a wide caps, scarf or umbrella. Use sunscreen cream or lotion. Take the sunglasses. But keep in mind that sunglasses are an excellent fitting with eyes. Choose gray or green glass. It is good to have brown-colored glass. These glasses will resist sunlight.

9. Take a shower several times.

The best is if you lie silently in the cold bathtubs. If it is not possible, take a bath for two to three times a day. Do not rub any type of oil in the body.


10. Lie down on the floor.

Wash your room floor thoroughly and lie down on the floor. If there is a pain on your waist or back, then it would be more beneficialThis will cool down your body as well as the treatment of back pain. The floor cooling feeling will make your body cool. You will have a great sleep. Leave the endless fan on the head. See where the hot flee!

How to be good in this hot

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