How to Make Crispy French Fries At Home

French fries are so popular around the world. Crispy french fries making is not so difficult.  Let’s learn how to make these fun fries at home.

Want to know the secret of how to make french fries extra crunchy? Remove starch and moisture.

How do you remove starch from potatoes? Soak them in cold water.
How do you remove moisture from potatoes? Cook them twice.

The Chemistry of Crispy French Fries

Like all plants and animals, potatoes are made up of cells. These cells are held together by pectin, a form of sugar that acts as a kind of glue.

These cells also contain starch granules – small sacs that look like water balloons, as well as simple sugars. When starch grains are exposed to water and heat, they begin to swell and eventually explode, releasing a barrage of bulging starch particles.

The problem now is, in order to get the perfect crust, these three elements have to be in proper balance and a proper state.

Lots of simple sugars and potatoes will turn brown long before they’re ripe. If the pectin breaks down too much before the starch grains have a chance to burst and release their sticky guts, the potatoes will either fail to form a crust, will break apart before they have a chance, or in the worst case will overcook. So completely hollow will form.

To Make Crispy French Fries Must Keep in Mind the Following Instructions

  1. The first thing is that you have to fry the slice of potatoes twice. The first one is for cooking them inside and the last one is for making them crispy
  2. The oil should have the proper temperature. You should observe that the oil is not too hot.
  3. The size of the slices must be the same. Because if there are thin slices they would burn quickly whereas the thick one is still not cooked.
  4. The pan size and depth is an important things. Try to get a large and deep pan so that the oil doesn’t overflow it.


  1.  A large quantity of 4 potatoes
  2.  Water – Salt to taste
  3.  Oil for frying

French fries making Process

First Process of Making Fench Fries 

1. First, wash the potatoes thoroughly and peel them off.

2. Then cut it into sticks by cutting the potatoes into 4 or 5 vertical pieces, then cut each piece into sticks.


3. Heat the water in a pan with a little salt and put the potatoes in the water and boil it.


4. Do not boil the potatoes perfectly. After boiling 3/4 percent boiling water, take a tequila with a kitchen towel.


5. Freeze the potatoes in a zip lock bag, and freeze for 3 hours. (If you wish, you can fry it immediately)


6. Heat oil in a pan. Then put off the potatoes from the refrigerator and give them to the oil immediately.


7. Fry it till the golden in color and then place it on top of the tissue so that excess oil can be absorbed. You will find your potatoes are so crispy.


8. If all the potatoes have been fried once then fry them all together for the second time. They will crisp in about 5 to 6 minutes.

9. Shake off the excess oil through the kitchen tissue and transfer them to a  serving bowl.

10. Sprinkle generously with salt and some spices that you like.

The Second Process of making French fries

1. First, wash the potatoes thoroughly and peel them off.

2. Then cut it into sticks by cutting the potatoes into 4 or 5 vertical pieces, then cut each piece into sticks.

3. Let the sticks in a large bowl covered with cold water. Soak them in cold water for 2 to 3 hours. (You can also put it in the fridge and let it soak overnight.)

4. Drain the cold water and place the potato sticks on two baking sheets lined with paper towels.

5. Pat with paper towels to dry them.

6. Heat a few inches of oil in a heavy saucepan to 300°F, in 3 or 4 batches, and cook potatoes until tender, 4 to 5 minutes per batch.

7. It shouldn’t be brown at this point! You just want to start the cooking process.

8. Remove each batch and lay it out on fresh/dry paper towels.

9. Once you have fried all the potatoes at 300°F, raise the heat until the oil has reached 400°F.

10. When the oil is hot, start frying the potatoes in batches again, cooking until the potatoes are golden and crispy.

11. Remove the potato fries from the hot oil and drain them on paper towels.

12. Sprinkle sea salt and dip! like pablano Sauce


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