9 Causes of Hair loss and Treatment of Hair Loss Naturally

What are the causes of Hair loss? It is normal and common for hair is falling from time to time, but in the case of too much hair loss dramatically makes people suffer panic and frustration, and may be quick to search for all information concerning hair loss immediately, but you should relax and calm the nerves before searching any information may cause an increase in Panic.

Hair loss results in several causes. For example, hair loss occurs in women as a result of changes in the levels of hormones in their bodies after pregnancy and childbirth, when reaching menopause, or in other cases where such disorders occur. While hair loss in men for genetic reasons.

Hair loss is also known as alopecia or baldness which refers to the loss of hair from a particular area of the head or the whole head area.  The severity of hair loss can vary from a small area to the entire body. Hair loss in some people may cause psychological distress.

9 Causes of Hair loss

1. Stress

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Yes, tension, stress, and hair loss can be related. There is a direct relationship between stress and hair loss.

Three types of hair loss can be associated with high levels of stress:

1. Telogen effluvium

The high pressure causes large numbers of hair follicles to reach the resting stage. In a few months, the injured hair may suddenly fall off when you comb or wash your hair.

2. Trichotillomania

It is an irresistible urge to pull hair out of your scalp, eyebrows, or other areas of your body. That can be a way of dealing with negative or uncomfortable emotions like tension, stress, loneliness, boredom, or a serious level of frustration.

3. Alopecia areata

It is believed that a variety of factors cause alopecia and may include severe stress. With alopecia, the body’s immune system attacks hair follicles causing hair loss.

Stress and hair loss are not permanent hair fall. If your stress is under control, your hair may regrow.

If you notice sudden or incomplete hair loss or more than usual hair loss when combing or washing your hair, talk to your doctor. Sudden hair loss can indicate a basic medical condition that requires treatment. If necessary, your doctor may also suggest treatment options for your hair loss


2. Thyroid dysfunction

Hair loss in some cases results in changes in the secretion of hormones in the body, which is affected by the thyroid gland, so any defect in the thyroid gland makes it affects the proportion of hormone secretion increase or decrease, which in turn harms the hair and causes the fall.

3. Deficiency in the body

In some cases, there is a defect in the immune system in the body, which makes it attacks the hair follicles sound wrong, and causes injury to areas affected by hair loss.

4. Pregnancy and after childbirth

Hair density and thickness increase in women during pregnancy; due to the high proportion of hormones that maintain hair in their bodies, but after birth, these hormones return to normal and hair falls quickly

5. Ringworm disease

There are many infections that affect the scalp, including ringworm, which affects the hair and scalp, and thus appear scaly spots and free of hair in the affected area, but when treating these infections, the hair is to grow again.

6. The incidence of PCOS

This disease, which affects women, is called PCOS. The disease affects hormones in the body, causing hair loss from the scalp.

7. Contraceptive pills

One of the side effects of taking pills is hair loss, hormones that weaken ovulation make women prone to hair loss. It is one of the main causes of hair loss in women.

8. The level of high cholesterol in the blood

High cholesterol has a significant impact on hair loss. Hair loss and high blood cholesterol are usually associated with aging. Although it is less common to link these conditions,

Although you should not be concerned about one leading to the other, some experts have argued that high levels of cholesterol may affect hair loss in some people.

According to AmericanHairLoss.org, cholesterol medications can cause hair loss. If you take medications for cholesterol and notice hair loss, It is an indicator that the medicines can contribute to your hair loss.

In addition, research published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine identified a relationship between cholesterol and baldness levels by increasing the risk of heart attacks in the bald individual as well as the chemical effects of cholesterol in the body, which stimulates other bodily chemicals that cause hair loss, according to the Center – Clauderer .com.

9. Hypertension

Hypertension is closely associated with hair loss. High blood pressure has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and premature death. But hair loss?

Scientists are not quite sure why, but there are a number of studies that have indicated a relationship between blood pressure and baldness in men, especially the early type.

In a study published in 2007, for example, the researchers examined 250 men aged 35 to 65 years. A blood pressure reading of more than 120 more than 80 was twice the risk of others.

Studies suggest that hair loss may be an indicator of an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

5 Everyday habits that will help prevent hair loss

To treat the problem of hair loss after discovering its causes there are many ways, including:

Methods related to the life system. These methods are acts that must be avoided, and others that must be done continuously in public life to maintain the hair, including

 5 best essential hair oils for hair growth treatment

1. Regular cleaning of the comb

To maintain cleanliness, the combs should be cleaned at least once a week to reduce hair loss as much as possible. Soiled combs may cause germs, dust, and other factors to weaken hair follicles and fall, so cleaning the combs with soap and water is easy The application is of great benefit.

2. Avoid pollution

pollution has a bad effect on hair, such as dust, moisture, smoke, and other forms. In the case of living in a crowded city, it is difficult to avoid, but there are some things that can prevent hair from being exposed to pollution and harmful factors such as hair binding and cover with a scarf protects him.

3. Reduce hair dye as much as possible

Women who regularly overdye their hair are at greater risk of hair loss. Hair curlers and hairstylists should be avoided all the time.

4. To avoid stress

as mentioned above, the more stress in work and public life the greater the loss of hair, and can get rid of tension and stress, simple steps, such as taking a rest during work, meditation, and walking, reduce chaos Surrounding life in general.

5. Avoid things that are harmful to hair to control hair fall.

There are many things that are harmful to hair, and although many do, it must be avoided to protect hair from falling, such as hair binding heavily, and the use of many thermal styling tools. A healthy diet; hair like any other organ in the body, needs food to maintain it, so it is advisable to maintain a healthy appearance of hair and protect it from falling and damage; to eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid junk food

Treatments of hair loss naturally – Home remedies to stop hair loss

There are many simple home natural recipes to grow hair faster that consist of ingredients that are mostly in the home, and they help to protect the hair from falling, including:

1. Coconut Oil for hair

Coconut oil is one of the most popular and effective ways to prevent hair loss effectively because it prevents hair loss from moisture, has high nutritional value, and antibacterial acid. These ingredients prevent inflammation from entering the scalp which protects the hair from falling off. All you have to do is massage the hair with coconut oil regularly and get deep into the roots. With time the effect of coconut oil will appear magical and will promote hair growth again.

2. Onion for hair

The onion has different benefits for the hair despite its unpleasant smell. The onion can be used on the hair by cutting the onion head, then massaging the scalp well until it is red, then washing it with water and shampoo. Repeat this on a daily basis until the result is noticed. It is recommended to place honey in the area where onions or garlic were used to calm down and reduce redness.

3. Egg whites

Eggs contain many minerals and proteins that are useful for hair and maintenance. Eggs are used on hair by mixing one egg with one teaspoon of olive oil and then mixing until a paste of ingredients is formed, then put on hair and scalp and leave at least 20 minutes. After that, the hair is rinsed with cold water.

4. Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants and nutrients of high nutritional value, which make its health benefits numerous besides its benefits to hair, which protect it from falling and strengthen its follicles. To use it on the hair, just take two bags of green tea and ferment them in a glass of water, put them on the scalp for about an hour, then rinse with water and shampoo.

5. Henna leaves

The common one about henna is that it is used for temporary tattooing, but henna is also useful in preventing hair loss and is used for this benefit by the following steps: Boil some henna leaves in mustard oil. Leave the henna cool then add the coconut oil. Apply the mixture on the scalp and the rest of the hair twice a week.

6. Aloe vera

Alkaline properties balance both the acidic and basal levels of the scalp and hair making it more lively. It should be placed on hair and scalp and left for 3-4 hours, then wash the hair with warm water and repeat it 2-3 times a week.

Regrowth of hair by eating these foods naturally

Best Fruits for Treatment of Hair Loss Naturally

Causes of hair loss- fruits for Treatment of Hair Loss Naturally

Several studies and research have shown that there are several fruits useful for hair, especially those rich in the enzyme Janus kinase, and help to increase the secretion in the body, which supports the growth of hair, and these fruits:

1. Black raspberries

Despite the small size of the blackberry fruit, this delicious fruit is highly nutritious and contains a high percentage of nutrients, one of the best fruits that promote hair growth. It also contains many vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamins A, B, C, E, Fiber, antioxidants, and many minerals. Moreover, black raspberries are rich in plant nutrients that protect against premature aging, cancer, and neurological diseases.

2. Grapefruits 

Grapefruits are a natural elixir for your hair that contains vitamin C which is necessary for collagen, which protects and rejuvenates the hair roots. Grapefruit is the best fruit for hair growth for sure!

3. Fig or Anjeer 

This fruit contains a lot of iron, which improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. Insufficient iron is one of the most common problems every woman faces when she begins to lose hair, so dieting with figs is a fast and effective way to restore the thickness and strength of hair. Fig can eliminate hair loss causes.

4. Pineapple 

This is also a responsible fruit for hair growth and is rich in vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain, which is known to be an effective conditioner for the skin. That supports the structure of the skin, while vitamin C and amino acids help repair cells and tissues, giving you a youthful appearance. Add it to your morning juice to taste it.

5. Pomegranate 

It contains nutrients that can benefit your hair indirectly. For example, hair loss often occurs due to anemia, which can reduce this fruit. Pomegranate improves blood circulation that may help fight hair loss.

6. Indian Gooseberry or Amla 

also contains granules of essential fatty acids, which strengthen the hair follicles, giving your hair strength and luster. Excess vitamin C in the MLA can help stop graying before puberty. It is not only a great conditioner for hair but also an effective treatment for dandruff and the best fruit for hair growth and thickness.

7. Oranges 

Eat oranges for a dose of vitamin C. Vegetables and vitamin C are useful for healthy hair.

8.  Strawberries

They prevent hair loss and alopecia: Ellagic acid is found in strawberries that help protect your hair from delays, hair loss or thinning. It is also rich in folic acid, vitamins B6, and B5, and is good for preventing hair loss.

9.  Coconut 

Water from coconut is a great help of natural hydration and contains potassium, an electrolyte that helps transport nutrients to our cells. Coconut oil, which is high in healthy fats, vitamins E, K, and minerals, is one of the best natural nutrients for your hair, which enhances shine by moisturizing hair.

10. Apple 

These are full of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins that promote hair growth. Antioxidants are found in the form of a phenol compound that promotes the healthy growth of hair.

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One last thing:

If the hair begins to fall, it does not mean that the affected person will become bald within days. Baldness does not happen suddenly without warning. Since the onset of hair loss, baldness needs 15 to 25 years. Therefore, hair loss is good for speeding up the treatment and gives a sign that there is hope to solve the problem before it is too late and make the system of life more healthy without the need for medical treatments or access to the condition of baldness.

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