Why women suddenly gain weight!

Why women suddenly gain weight!

Overweight or obesity is a big problem all over the world. There is another truth that woman suddenly gain weight. There are reasons, eating more and having less effort, eating more of sugar and fat, etc. But there are other reasons that suddenly increase the weight. Lifestyle website Bold sky’s Health Department has said that some reasons for the sudden increase in weight of women.

1. Hormonal imbalance

Weight loss occurs when the body gets reduced to estrogen hormone. In other words, the mood swings during hormonal imbalance are fluctuating. It gets eaten much longer, weight increases.

2. Mental pressure

Stress is a major reason for weight gain. It is also called the silent killer in the case of weight gain. If there is stress, then the cortisol hormone is more exposed. It plays a role in weight gain.

Why women suddenly gain weight!

3. Unhealthy diet

If you do not have any physical movement and eating unhealthy foods, increases weight. Many people think, by not eating can lose weight. The idea is very wrong. Because, if you do not eat one meal, it will be eaten more in the next, calories will be more. This will increase the weight.

4. Medicines

Medicines are sometimes responsible for increasing weight. Birth control pills or methods often increase weight. Besides, depression resistance medication can also increase weight.

5. Laziness

The women who are lazy, they are more likely to lose weight. Physical labor or physical exertion, exercise works to reduce weight. Those who do not do these, increase their weight. However, in addition to exercise or physical labor, calorie acceptance should also be controlled.

Why women suddenly gain weight!

6. Hunger

Hunger is more harmful to the body. If hunger is over we eat more. The body consumes more calories, fat increases, weight increases. So do not get very hungry. Eat food in small portions after two or three hours.

7. Age

If the age increases, the female body strength decreases. During this time, many people are reluctant to do physical work. At the same time, the metabolic power decreases slightly, this leads to weight gain.

8. Avoid breakfast

Many of us wake up late in the morning, or many women think of eating after the baby and the husband go their office or school. Or we wish to skip breakfast in the morning as we think this will reduce their weight. It happens, but vice versa. If we do not eat breakfast after a long time of fasting during the night, our body then starts accumulating fat. This has caused famine. So you have to make breakfast very well.

Why women suddenly gain weight!

9. Feeding children:

Mothers are very conscious about their baby’s health and nutrition. They make so many dishes for their children, which is full of calories and fat. But we know babies don’t eat all those foods. Mother’s often don’t like to through the foods out, but eat them themselves. Mothers while breastfeeding consumes too much calories for baby’s nutrition and gets fat.

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