10 Reasons For Thinning Hair In Women And How to Treat

Thinning hair in women may be one of the least discussed topics among women. Although it is a topic related to the beauty of women Many girls and women do not consider it an interesting subject for their conversation. The facts may astonish you when you know that the numbers of women who suffer from thinning hair are in millions and that it may be Your hair is beautiful and prolific, then you are surprised that it has become light. In this article, you will learn about the causes that lead to the problem of thinning hair in women and how to treat it.

What causes thinning hair in women?

You may think your hair suddenly becomes light, but in reality, it takes quite a while before it gets to this point. Hair begins to thin from the hairline above the forehead to the top of the head and then spreads all over the scalp. With age, atrophy of the hair follicles occurs, which makes the hair thinner, and although the light hair is often associated with age, it may be temporary and sometimes can be treated

Hair growth stages

A person is born with about 100,000 hair follicles on his scalp. The hair grows individually in the bulb and then multiplies over time, making the hair denser.

When you became old, the number of hairs in one bulb decreases, which makes the hair appear light and thin. Hair has a life cycle that does not stop and does not end throughout a person’s life, no matter how dense his hair, health, and strength are.

The stages are:

Developmental stage: It is the first stage in the hair growth cycle and takes between three to five years to complete. It begins when the hair grows from the bulb and then the hair grows and grows taller. The length of the hair can reach 30 inches at this stage.

Regression stage: It is the stage where the hair stops growing and takes about ten days, during which the hair prepares to fall out.

End-stage: It is the last stage in the hair growth cycle, in which the hair falls out of the follicle and another hair prepares for growth, and this stage takes about three months.

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10 reasons for thinning hair in women


1. Genetic reasons

It is the most common cause of thinning hair in women, especially after menopause, it is natural for light hair to appear in women when they get older, but we may also find this phenomenon at a young age.

2. Menopause may be a cause of thinning hair in women

Any factor that may decrease your hormones rate affects your hair density. When menopause decreases, the percentage of the estrogen hormone (female hormone), which plays an important role in protecting hair, also affects hormonal disorders, such as the problem of ovarian cyst, on the density of hair.

3. Procreation

You may notice that your hair is healthy, shiny, and dense during your pregnancy, but after birth that changes completely and the hair becomes light and dry and perhaps brittle as well, due to the change of your body hormones between pregnancy and childbirth, but do not worry, these are temporary symptoms that appear on your hair, and when you return Your hormones are at their normal level (within three months after birth) your hair begins to return to normal and healthy.

4. Cell damage within the hair follicles

One of the most recent facts that have been discovered about hair is that damaged cells may atrophy and turn into the skin. Hair and sometimes it can cause areas completely free of hair on the scalp.

5. Taking a lot of vitamin A can cause thinning hair

Your doctor or pharmacist may prescribe you vitamin A as a nutritional supplement to improve hair growth, but if you take too much vitamin A, the hair builds up at a rapid rate. If you reduce the amount you take after that, your hair returns to its first condition and returns to a point in the beginning.

6. Lack of protein intake

Being a vegetarian can do miracles for your body, but it will not have the same positive effect on your hair. Although many people who do not eat animal protein do not suffer from the problem of light hair, it may appear in some people signs of thinning hair, as The percentage of protein in the body is limited, and to avoid these symptoms, you must eat supplements that contain iron and protein and eat vegetable foods rich in proteins such as legumes and others.

7. Psychological Stress

Exposure to any kind of pressure, whether physical or psychological, leads to the arrival of many capillaries at the same time to the completion stage, which leads to hair loss at a rate greater than normal.

8. Vitamin deficiency lead to thin hair

Although excessive intake of vitamin A leads to thinning hair, the lack of vitamins in general and vitamin B, in particular, leads to the same result, as well as iron deficiency, which plays an important role in the process of hair growth, and food diets that lose weight quickly have the same Negative effect on hair, and to avoid all of this you can take vitamins every day.

9. Some skin diseases and autoimmune disorders

The immune system works to produce antibodies against the diseases to which the body is exposed, and sometimes an imbalance of the immune system may occur, which causes it to distinguish hair as a foreign body, which it resists, which leads to thinning and falling hair, and sometimes leads to alopecia areata Which is one of the causes of thinning hair difficult to treat other reasons.

10. Sudden weight loss- thinning hair in women

losing a lot of weight in a short period (more than 12 kilograms a month) leads to something similar to a shock to the hair, which makes it weak and damaged. Weight loss is not specifically the cause of thinning hair, but often a lack of healthy vitamins and fats that you may deprive yourself of is the reason for changing the appearance and texture of your hair

Effective methods for treating thinning hair in women at home

If you are still in the early stages of the problem of thinning hair, and if you prefer traditional treatments and do not prefer medical methods to treat your problem, and if you want treatment at a low cost, here are some simple treatments that can be purchased from pharmacies or stores without the need for a doctor’s prescription:

Alpha hydroxy acids

These acids help stimulate the production of new, healthy hairs with thick and strong roots. They also improve the appearance of hair. Preliminary results can be seen within two weeks.

Caffeine for thinning hair in women

Caffeine helps in thickening hair because it stimulates growth factors, which helps healthy and ideal growth of capillaries. The caffeine you eat does not help in this process. Rather, you should use caffeine directly on your hair, which is available on the market.


It is one of the most popular products for treating hair thinning, and it gives hair strength, density, and shine, so it is considered one of the most important products used in the treatment of hair thinning.

Onion extract

natural extracts are one of the appropriate options for treating hair thinning, and onion extract has proven successful in doing so by activating cells to regrow hair more intensively.

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Medical methods used to treat thinning hair in women

If you suffer from a problem of thinning hair very much and want a quick treatment, you can resort to a plastic surgeon to determine for you the appropriate method to solve your problem, and among the most popular methods used medically to treat hair thinning:

Plasma injection

One of the treatments that many women accept because it is one of the most effective treatments as it thickens the hair by up to 80%, and this technique is used by drawing a small amount of the patient’s blood, and extracting the plasma from them, then they are injected into certain parts of Scalp, and after about two months to three months, hair loss stops and new hairs begin to appear and grow, and this method is distinguished by its excellent results and the new hair retains its color completely.

Laser treatment

The laser is used in many medical fields, and the laser device used differs depending on the specialty. For example, the laser device used to treat baldness or thinning hair is different from the laser device used for the skin. The lasers stimulate the cells to germinate the hair, and the lasers are considered to be a very effective method if enough sessions are made that the doctor determines, according to the patient’s condition.

Hair transplantation for thinning hair in women

Although hair transplantation is one of the most used options for men to treat baldness problems, it sometimes becomes available to women, especially if the patient suffers from some skin diseases such as alopecia, or that other treatments have not produced the required result, and the doctor alone can determine if Was this method right for you or not.

Tips to reduce the occurrence of hair thinning problems in women

There are many things that if you do it frequently reduce the risk of thinning your hair, which is simple but effective.


1. Scalp exfoliation

just as the skin is peeling, gentle scalp preparations are used.

2. Changing the hairstyle

If you are used to a specific hairstyle, it is best to change it from time to time. Changing the direction of hair reduces the possibility of hair loss and thus reduces hair thinning.

3. Scalp massage is effective for thinning hair in women

Massaging the scalp, especially during hair washing, helps to stimulate blood circulation and thus helps to provide adequate nutrition to the hair follicles.

4. The use of medical shampoos:

The use of medical shampoo does not contain a large percentage of harmful chemicals that can cause hair loss or hair thinning in women in the long run.

Reducing the use of dye: But if you want to use it, try to use the light shades as it gives a denser look to your hair than the dark colors, but use ammonia-free dyes because they are less harmful to hair.

5. Do not use gel

Because most of these products are made from beeswax, it results in an insulating substance that prevents air from hair, and with continued use of these products the hair weakens and falls out. It is preferable to use natural oil baths instead.

6. Do not use metal brushes

Use plastic brushes or wide combs instead.

7. Reduce the use of hairdryers:

Because drying hair continuously helps breakage of hair and weakens it, and thus leads to hair loss. Depend on letting your hair dry in the air a little, then dry it slightly with a hairdryer.

8. Do not use products that contain alcohol

because it has a negative and dangerous effect on the hair.

9. Don’t wear hair very tightly to prevent thinning hair in women

Whether you wear casual clothes or pull your hair into a ponytail for exercise, this may cause your hair to stretch and break out from the follicles, causing thin spots over time.

10. Take Iron, folic acid, and other minerals

Not getting enough iron, folic acid, and other minerals in your diet. All of these help the follicles to produce hair naturally.

When to see a doctor for thinning hair in women

In most cases, thinning hair in women is not associated with general health problems. If a person is concerned about hair loss, or if it affects their mental health, they can see a doctor.

If a person loses a lot of hair without a known reason, he should see his doctor. This is especially important if they recently made dietary changes or started taking nutritional supplements.

Your doctor may recommend that a person see a dermatologist, or dermatologist, to determine the best way to treat light hair.

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