Summer Hair Care Tips- How to Care for Dry and Falling hair

Haircare in the summer is very important to preserve its beauty and health from the summer problems that harm it. A woman’s hair is the crown of beauty that Allah Almighty has given her. Therefore, every woman loves her hair to be at the top of his beauty and attractiveness always, but the weather changes affect greatly On hair, especially in the summer, when the high temperature leads to hair damage, brittleness, and appearance with a tired and faded appearance So in this article, we will explain the most important methods, and the best Summer Hair Care Tips.

With the start of the summer, the hair needs care and attention, as the hair is exposed to the heat of the sun, causing it to dry, fall, and split. This is why we must learn about summer hair care methods during the hot season, and the most important advice to care about, while also knowing how to care for dry and falling hair, which we mention for you Below:

Summer Hair Care: Get Healthy Hair in Hot Weather

1. Drink water

You should drink water during the day at a rate of 8 cups per day, as the water keeps the body and hair from drying out, and helps make hair shiny and healthy.

2. Keep out of the sun

You should keep hair healthy by protecting it from sunlight, and not being exposed to it during the afternoon, and be sure to wear a hat or scarf to protect hair from drying out.

3. Using natural oils

Using natural oils and massaging hair with them helps in obtaining healthy hair. Examples of these oils are olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and argan oil, and this is by massaging the hair with it and leaving it on the hair for half an hour and then washing it afterward.

4. Use hair protection

There are types of hair products to protect from the sun’s rays, which can be used to reduce the damage to the hair during the summer caused by sunlight, but it is necessary to ensure the quality of these products before using them so as not to cause harm to the hair.

5. Wash the hair

It is important to wash the hair well and pay attention to its cleanliness as this helps to replenish the natural oils of the scalp, which helps in the freshness of the hair, and you should also use natural shampoos, which are appropriate for the type of hair.

6. Trim the hair ends

In order for hair to grow better during the summer, care must be taken to trim the ends of the hair every period, which in turn helps to stimulate hair growth in a natural way, and also helps to get rid of split hair.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Because your hair falls out a lot in the summer, we give you in this article several tips that enable you to preserve and strengthen your hair and prevent it from falling out.

Summer hair care tips:

1- Good nutrition for hair, as you must make sure that your hair gets the important nutrients for it and therefore make sure to eat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acid, and follow a balanced health system because the health of the body will reflect positively on the health of the hair.

2- Drink plenty of water to keep the hair follicles always moist.

3- When going out in the morning, wear a veil of a kind that helps protect your scalp from the hot sun so that it does not damage the head and lead to hair damage, and make sure that the scalp is like the rest of the body affected by the high temperature.

4- Avoid using industrial products during the summer, especially if they contain alcohol, as it leads to dehydration of hair unnecessarily. You can use products that contain olive oil or coconut oil as an alternative.

5- Use a hair conditioner intended for dry hair and do not over-wash your hair because Washing it daily will also make it lose its oils.

6- Use a hair mask to nourish and moisturize it at least once a week.

7- If you wear the veil for a long time during the day, this may lead to increased hair sweat and to avoid that, wash your hair daily, and choose a shampoo that helps you nourish the hair follicles with oxygen and stimulates the head of the head

8- If your hair is weak and thin, wash it daily using a shampoo that helps to increase Hair follicles thickening, massage your scalp with this shampoo, leave it for a while and then rinse it with water.

9- Minimize your use of hot styling tools such as irons and blow dryers to prevent hair breakage.

10- If you have to use a hair straightener or blow dryer, apply a moisturizer to your hair before you start using it.

11- Avoid washing your hair with hot water, and instead wash it with cold or lukewarm water because hot water damages the hair.

12- To avoid breaking the hair, cut the ends every 6-8 weeks, as the hair grows faster during the summer,
by following these tips, you will be able to enjoy the summer vacation without causing the high temperature and the burning sun during the summer to damage your hair, its shine, health, and attractiveness

How to care for dry and falling hair in summer

  • Avoid using hair products that contain chemicals such as silicones and sulfates, which seriously damage the hair, leading to damage, breakage, and fallout. Care must be taken to replace these products with natural oils.
  • Excessive use of hair dryers greatly affects it, and until dry hair care is taken care of, the use of these dryers should be minimized.
  • Attention to moisturizing hair well to protect from dryness and hair fall, and this is through the use of natural ingredients that do not contain chemicals.
  • Bathing after going down to the swimming pools
  • Take a good shower after you go down to the pool because the pools contain chlorine that your hair absorbs, exposing it to split ends.
  • Use a conditioner that protects the sun and its rays.
  • Refrain from using hair care products that contain both alcohol and formaldehyde because they make hair dry and so use natural products as they are the best.
  • Do not use thermal styling tools frequently
  • Avoid using thermal hairdressing tools because they cause more hair dryness, which exposes them to greater damage. If necessary, use it conditioner before applying the dryer.
  • Massage hair with nourishing hair oils
  • Wash your hair thoroughly before applying one of the naturally nourishing oils to it and massage your scalp well down to the ends of the hair.
  • Beware of crust formation!
  • Leave the oil on your hair for at least thirty minutes, then wash it well until you get rid of the oil residue so that it does not form a greasy layer that causes the formation of dandruff and exposes it to shedding.
  • Warm the hair oil before using it for three spoons for ten seconds, then apply it to your hair in the usual way mentioned above, until you help the oil in the hair follicles.

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