Deep Skin Cleaning-Benefits And Steps

So what is deep skin cleaning? What are the problems that he addresses? What are the steps for the deep cleaning of the skin? How much does deep cleaning cost? Where are the best places to do it? All of these questions will be answered below, along with some tips to preserve the beauty of your skin


It is a cosmetic procedure, performed either in a beauty clinic – which is, of course, the best option – or in beauty salons and non-medical centers, in which the skin undergoes a thorough cleaning and purifying process, not only for the surface layers of the skin but also for the deep layers.

Deep cleansing is applied to the face and neck and sometimes to the shoulders and arms, and it is advised to do it once every three to three months to get rid of excess plankton and excess skin and acne scars.

The procedure lasts about an hour to an hour and a half, after which it is forbidden to use cosmetics for an entire day, as well as not direct exposure to the sun, and cold compresses or soothing cream can be used until the next day.

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Deep skin cleansing is suitable for all skin types and colors, but it is most appropriate in the case of oily skin and is not much preferred in the case of sensitive skin unless approved by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, and as long as the lady or girl does not have any skin diseases or medical problems, she can resort to deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning of the skin often depends on the technique of removing impurities, however, sometimes a peeling technique is used.


  • Remove acne, its effects, and blackheads
  • Skin lightening and uniformity
  • Remove dark spots
  • Reducing fine lines in the skin and delaying the effects of aging
  • Remove plankton and impurities from the deep layers of the skin
  • Add glow and shine to the skin
  • Remove dark circles around the eyes
  • Narrowing the pores of the face
  • Rid the skin of excess fat
  • Providing the skin with the necessary moisture, especially in the case of dry skin
  • Stimulate blood circulation

Deep Skin Cleaning-Benefits And StepsDEEP  SKIN CLEANING STEPS

  • The session begins with a normal cleaning of the skin with a custom soap or daily wash and then dried well.
  • The skin is exposed to a steam bath for ten minutes, and some special essential oils such as peppermint or clove oil can be applied, lighten the pores of the skin and easily get rid of impurities, fats, and blackheads, and also prefer to inhale perfumed steam, it is beneficial to the respiratory system.
  • A cured substance is used to close the pores after cleaning them, then a sterilizer is passed over the skin.
  • Use a moisturizing and whitening mask for a few minutes, then wash the skin thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • A light skin massage is used to relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation, adding a pinkish color to the face.
  • As a final touch, liquid collagen or liquid botox is used to apply to the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

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You should not be satisfied with the deep cleaning of the skin every three months or even every month to get the glowing skin you wish for, besides this procedure you should follow several daily tips that guarantee you fresh and flawless skin, and these tips include:

  • Use a daily wash or soap appropriate for your skin type in the morning, and stay away from regular soaps as it harms the skin and works to lose its moisture.
  • Use natural masks twice a week, and stay away from industrial ingredients as much as possible, the work of natural masks is very easy, and you can use the components available to you such as yogurt, cucumbers, and honey.
  • Always use sunscreen before always leaving.
  • Use moisturizing cream and eye cream before bed.
  • Do not use too much makeup, and choose good types of makeup


There is almost no place in the presence of a beauty salon or a center that performs deep cleaning of the skin, and that is what makes us confused. Do we choose the place based on price or on the basis of proximity, or are there other factors on which we can choose the appropriate place?

Initially, you should know that the simplicity of the procedure made it a double-edged sword, so that anyone, albeit without experience, can perform the procedure, and although it already appears simple, it needs a specialized expert to do it, because it does not have to secure me On your skin under an inexperienced hand, exposing you to the dangers you need.

Therefore, when choosing the center in which you will perform the deep cleaning, you must investigate the accuracy and be under the supervision of a cosmetic expert or a specialized doctor, and have a good reputation, preferably if one of your acquaintances had a good experience with this center.

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