Make delicious Italian pasta in an instant at home


Homemade pasta is very easy and simple to make and it is very inexpensive in the market. If you learn how to make fresh pasta you will be able to make your Family and Friends very Happy. They are also very healthy.When you add chicken, nuts, vegetables, and other spices they become healthier. make a bowl of delicious Italian pasta in an instant at home. You just need only four ingredients those are available in every kitchen.


1. about two and a half cups of flour
2. 6 eggs (normal temperature)
3. 6 tablespoon olive oil
4. Salt

Make delicious Italian pasta in an instant at home

How to make Italian pasta:

1. Add egg, olive oil and salt on top of the flour.

2. Take out the egg yolk with a spoon.

3. Afterward, make sure to mix the whole mixture well.

4. Pull it down and mash it until smooth. Divide it into two pieces and shape it round.

Make delicious Italian pasta in an instant at home

5. Let it rest for five minutes.
6. Sprinkle a little dry flour on the dough and spread it with a rounded stick.
7. Cut pasta with a pasta cutter or pizza cutter or with a knife in the shape of your choice. Your pasta is now ready to cook.

8. At this point, the pasta can be dropped into boiling water to cook or can be preserved in the freezer.

9.Provide the amount of salt in hot water for hot water. If you put only 4/5 minutes in the boiling salt water, then the paste will be boiled well.
9. Now cook it with sauce, spices, cheese and serve your homemade pasta with topping. keep in mind that do not boil pasta for a long time.

Make delicious Italian pasta in an instant at home

Homemade Italian pasta is very fresh and delicious to eat. If the pasta is cut, dry it for 3/4 hours and keep it in the refrigerator and keep it up to 4 days. If you keep boiled pasta in a covered box then it will be good for a few days.

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