27 Best Red Leather Jackets for Women

Do you like red leather jackets? Who said leather jackets are only available in traditional colors like black and brown? Though black and brown are unquestionably popular colors, you can find leather jackets available in dozens of other colors too.

Red leather jackets, for example, are becoming an increasingly popular choice among fashion-conscious women. With its red color, it offers a brighter and more eye-catching look which is preferred by many women. If you are planning to wear a red leather jacket, then you should consider the following 27 best red leather jackets for women.


10 Best Red Leather Jackets for Women

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Tips for Wearing a Red Leather Jacket

1. Wear it with dark pants or trousers

These leather jackets tend to look best when paired with darker slacks or trousers because they are bright. In other words, don’t wear yellow, red, or any other brightly colored pants with a red jacket.

Instead, opt for dark-colored pants. Indigo or black jeans, for example, will complement your bright jacket.

2. Choose a high-quality leather jacket

Not all leather jackets are created equal. Some are made of higher quality leather than others.

If you are looking for an attractive look, then you should choose a leather jacket made of high-quality leather.

3. When you are in doubt, wear a white shirt

If you are struggling to find the perfect shirt to wear with your leather jacket, opt for a white one. Whether it’s a T-shirt, a dress shirt, or a blouse, white shirts look great when paired with a red leather jacket.

Your white shirt will contrast with your red leather jacket to create a visually cool look that positively reflects on your selfie. Of course, you can always wear T-shirts in other colors. As for the jacket, the white one is an all-around safe option that is guaranteed to enhance your look.

4. Discover unconventional styles

They are available in both traditional and funky styles. Traditional styles consist of bomber and aviator jackets, while funky styles consist of cropped, hooded, and half-sleeved jackets.

Some people automatically assume that traditional styles of leather jackets are best, but that’s not always the case. You may find a funky style that offers a higher level of fashion and versatility.

The only way you’ll know is to try different styles. So, don’t limit yourself to just a traditional leather jacket. Feel free to explore funky styles.

5. Wear red shoes or boots with your jackets

When choosing shoes or boots to wear with red leather, consider choosing red. A basic rule of thumb when wearing a jacket is to pair it with shoes of the same color.

Therefore, if you are planning to wear a red leather jacket, you should pair it with red shoes or boots. By matching your jacket to your shoes, you’ll create a more complete and cohesive outfit.

6. Keep the forehead open

For a more visually appealing look, leave the front of the red leather jacket open. Most leather jackets have a zipper or buttons in the front that you can use to open or close them. You should consider leaving the front open regardless of the clamping mechanism.

Your shirt will become visible when you open the front of your jacket. If you keep the front of your jacket closed, your shirt will not be visible. For a more dynamic and attractive look, leave the front of the jacket open.

7. Watch the sun

Use caution when wearing and storing a leather jacket to protect it from sun damage. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays cause clothes to fade. If you leave your leather jacket in the sun for too long, it may fade. Your jacket likely won’t turn white.

However, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause its color to fade until it is lighter in color.

With it, you can protect your leather jacket from fading by keeping it out of the sun. It’s perfectly fine to wear a red leather jacket outside on a sunny day, but it should be stored in a dark, climate-controlled location to reduce the risk of color fading.

8. Accessorize your jacket

You can enhance the look of your jacket by adding accessories to it. So, what kind of accessories can you wear with a red leather jacket? For starters, a belt is an essential accessory that, when worn properly, compliments your jacket.

Like shoes, it is recommended to choose a belt of the same color as your jacket. For a red leather jacket, it will be wise to choose a red belt.

In addition to the belt, you can also decorate your leather jacket with a matching handbag. This high-quality leather handbag is the perfect accessory to a  leather jacket. They’ll add new colors, as well as other visual elements, to your look, all while improving the look of your leather jacket.

9. Condition your leather jacket

All types of leather jackets need routine conditioning, and red leather jackets are no exception. Failure to moisturize your leather jacket can cause it to dry out.

Assuming your red leather jacket is made of genuine leather – as opposed to faux or faux leather – it will likely have at least some moisture in its pores at all times. However, over time, your leather jacket will gradually release moisture, which can cause it to dry out. When this happens, your leather jacket may look ragged.

You can prevent your leather jacket from drying out by moisturizing it. This involves applying a moisturizing product, known as a skin moisturizer, to moisturize your leather jacket.

To prevent your red leather jacket from drying out, apply conditioner to it once every few months. Combined with the occasional spot cleaning, this will maintain its original appearance while extending its life in the process.

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