13 Best Oil for Breast Massage

What is the best oil for breast massage? Many women want to increase the size of their chests, but they are reluctant to undergo cosmetic surgery for one reason or another.

But who said there is no other way to enlarge breasts? You can get a satisfactory result in a natural way at home by practicing yoga exercises for breast augmentation or even by massaging the chest area with natural oils. It is rich in vitamins that help to enlarge the breast without suffering, and it also prevents sagging and the appearance of cracks.

Here we present to you the 13 best natural oils that you can use on a regular basis to massage the chest area and enlarge the breasts. Of course, the result will not be the same as breast augmentation and may take some time, but be patient and you will get bigger breasts with consistency.

The 13 best oils that help in breast enlargement, tightening, and preventing sagging

Breast augmentation in natural ways, apart from plastic surgery, has become possible. And massage with natural oils is one of the effective ways help to beautify the breast and increase its size, which many women overlook.

Many women resort to breast implants, which cost a lot of money, leaving behind many side effects such as pain, swelling, and redness of the breast.

Knowing that diet and exercise help to increase the size of the breast, it is possible to adopt breast massages with natural oils to obtain the same results at the lowest cost, as well as there is no risk or side effects, unlike cosmetic operations.

In fact, if you choose the right methods of massage, you are guaranteed to get great and effective results, as well as feel comfortable and relaxed after the end of the massage session.

1. Almond oil helps to enlarge the breasts

Almond oil is one of the best oil for breast massage. Using Almond oil for breast enlargement is a very effective way. It is one of the best oils that if you use it constantly, increases the size of your breasts in a natural way. You have to rub this oil between your hands and then massage your breasts with two hands in circular motions for about 5 minutes. You will get a noticeable difference after 8 to 10 weeks.

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2. Primrose Oil for breast massage

The more perfect the breast in its shape and size, the more beautiful and attractive your shape will be, and primrose oil fulfills this purpose.

It is one of the essential and natural oils, which help to enlarge the breast and increase its size.

It contains many health benefits, vitamins, and nutrients that contribute to maintaining its health and increasing its size.

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In addition to increasing the size of the chest, primrose oil helps to treat many health problems that concern women, such as the imbalance in the secretion of female hormones in the body, as well as the treatment of menstrual problems and pain.

However, it must be known that to obtain the best results, it must be used after mixing it with another type of volatile oil or essential oil such as olive oil, and then massaging the breast with it after that.

Apply the same instructions mentioned above with olive oil to work on enlarging the breast and making it consistent with the rest of the body, improving its health and strengthening it, and preventing sagging of the surrounding skin.


3. Jojoba oil for breast enlargement

it is one of the best oil for breast massage. This oil contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin E, and omega 9, which help to increase the size of the breasts in a natural way and prevent flabbiness and cracks from appearing in this area. Use it to massage your breasts every day, using circular motions. (3)

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4. Fenugreek oil to enlarge the breasts size

The benefits of fenugreek for breast enlargement are well known. It contains estrogen that helps stimulate the hormone prolactin that enlarges the breasts. In order to increase the size of the breast and tighten it, use fenugreek oil 3 times a day over a period of weeks until you start to notice the results. You can also mix it with soybean oil and massage the chest area with this mixture.

All you have to do is mix an equal amount of fenugreek oil with soybean oil, and rub the breasts with the mixture at a rate of 3 times a day, massaging them well so that your skin absorbs it, and from the first week you will notice a difference in size.

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Fenugreek oils help to enlarge the breasts and increase their size, which is fenugreek oil, is extracted from the seeds of the fenugreek. (4)

Which works along the skin surrounding the chest area to enlarge it when used regularly.

The fenugreek seed oil also contains many nutrients and health benefits that, in addition to breast augmentation, help preserve it and protect it from disease.

  • For best results, mix 1 egg yolk with 3 tablespoons of fenugreek seed oil.
  • Then apply the mixture directly to the breast.
  • This mixture is placed directly before going to sleep for a period of 5 to 10 minutes per day, with hands placed directly above the breast on the mixture.

You will notice positive results after 4 to 5 week

5. Flaxseed oil for breast growth

These seeds have many benefits for fitness but the oil extracted from them also has the ability to enlarge the breasts in a natural way. (2)

Flaxseed oil is an ideal choice for massaging your breasts, as it contains omega-3 fatty acids, and the use of this oil is risk-free, as it improves blood circulation in the breast tissue and thus helps in breast enlargement, omega-3 has another major benefit, as it keeps you safe from cancer. the breast.

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* Massage your body after bathing, focusing on the breast area, and massage your chest in a circular motion for 10 minutes to stimulate blood circulation, and it is preferable to repeat this step daily, as you will notice a clear difference in the size of your breast after a period of regular use.

6. Olive oil helps to enlarge the breasts

This oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which makes it ideal for combating sagging and enlarging breasts in a natural way. It also helps to soften the skin in this area and unify its color, provided that you use it regularly. (1)

Put a little olive oil on the breast and massage it until heat is generated, then gently massage the breast in an upward motion for 15 minutes to increase blood flow. Follow this remedy 4 or 5 times a week.

This oil must be applied to both breasts and then massaged in circular motions.

The correct way to massage the breast with this oil to increase its size is to start from the outside and then move the hand toward the inside.

Continue massaging for 10 to 15 minutes. This helps to increase blood flow to the breast, which helps to enlarge it and increase its size naturally.

What kind of olive oil is best for breast massage

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One of the best oils that have many benefits for the body, hair, and skin is olive oil.

Olive oil contains a high percentage of vitamins, nutrients, and omega fatty acids, which help to achieve many of the goals you want, including breast enlargement.

Doctors always advise the necessity of using olive oil to massage the breast with it to preserve it as well as increase its size.

The best olive oil for breast massage is OKAY | 100% Pure Olive Oil

7. Wheat germ oil for breast enlargement massage

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Wheat germ oil is one of the most famous oils used to enlarge the size of the breast, thanks to the elements and vitamins it contains, such as vitamin E, which is responsible for increasing blood flow within the tissues of the chest, thus nourishing it and increasing its size.

Wheat germ oil soothes skin irritation and removes stretch marks, and wheat germ oil is a great and effective option for increasing breast size, moreover, it works to supply nipples or whiten the nipple. Regular use of this oil will moisturize your skin and fight the symptoms of aging.

All you have to do is rinse the chest area well with warm water and dry it gently, then put drops of oil on the breast and massage for 10 minutes, 3 times a day, until the desired result is obtained.

8. Soybean oil- best oil for breast massage

The oil contains isoflavones, which play the same role as the female hormone estrogen, which contributes to breast growth and increase in size. This substance also relieves menstrual symptoms and fights cancer cells and osteoporosis.

As for the method of using the oil, it is not much different from the method of other oils, rinse the breast with warm water and dry it well, then put drops of it on your chest and massage in a circular motion for at least 10 minutes, at a rate of 3 times a day.

Soybean seeds are also used to extract oil, which is used for many household purposes.

Among these many purposes, you can use it to increase the size of the chest.

Several studies have proven that besides using soybean oil, eating a handful of the same soybean regularly helps to get quick results and you will notice changes within a few weeks.

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  • ORGANIC SOYBEAN OIL contains vitamins such as B vitamins, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. In addition, soy oil is a great source of linolenic acid. It effectively reduces wrinkles and skin lines and suitable for all skin types, including dry skin and mature skin types.

9. Best oil for breast massage- Clove oil

If you are among the women who suffer and complain constantly about the small size of the breast and its inconsistency with the rest of the body and you want to enlarge it and increase its size, it is advised to stay away from surgeries and resort to more natural and effective methods, including massage with clove oil.

Alternative medicine doctors always recommend using clove oil for breast augmentation because it contains many health benefits and nutrients.

Clove oil is one of the best oil for breast massage. Mixing clove oil with natural ginger juice is an effective way to get the maximum benefit.

This recipe helps women who suffer from small breasts and breasts.

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In addition, both ginger and cloves contain natural anti-inflammatory that helps treat any tumors, rashes, redness or pain in the breast area.

Massage your breasts with more ginger juice mixed with less clove oil.

You will notice an increase in breast size in just 8 to 10 weeks.

10. Dandelion herb oil massage for increasing the size

You can use natural dandelion oil and over time it will increase the size of the breast naturally and gradually, without leaving any side effects on public health, and it will be a reason to banish the specter of the risks of surgeries, pills, and breast injections that have been proven to be harmful.

The dandelion herb oil is one of the best oils that help increase breast size, as it plays an important role in the growth of breast cells and tissues.

  • Apply a little dandelion oil to your breasts before bed.
  • Massage it on the breast for 10 minutes to a quarter of an hour.
  • Rinse the breast afterward.
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You can also take dandelion tea twice daily, or take this herb in capsule form (525 mg) once daily.

This herb helps to achieve the desired results within several months.

It is not recommended to use all of these oils together, you can use only two or three types to work on enlarging the breast and increasing its size effectively

11. Coconut oil breast massage oil for breast growth

This oil is one of the best oil for breast massage.

Coconut oil has many benefits for skin, hair, and health in general. Massaging your chest in coconut oil will strengthen the breast tissue, as it has effective results in increasing breast size, improving its appearance and preventing it from sagging breasts, getting rid of stretch marks, and enhancing breast size.

* At night and a little before bed, lie on the bed in a relaxed position after taking off the bra, put an appropriate amount of coconut oil on your hands and rub your hands until your hands become warm.

Massage your chest in a circular motion for 5 minutes, then massage your chest from below upwards for 5 minutes, then massage your breasts from top to bottom for 5 minutes, and leave the oil on your chest until the morning, and it is also preferable not to wear the bra until the morning

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12. The best oil for breast massage- Emu oil

Emu oil, as it is also known as ostrich oil, is one of the unique oils that contain fatty acids similar to skin cells. Its properties in improving and moisturize the skin, and have proven its ability to enlarge the breasts and prevent sagging breasts.

And that’s not all! When you use emu oil, you will notice the disappearance and fading of stretch marks within two weeks.

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  • Use to fight dryness, itching, and as powerful skin and hair moisturizing antiaging oil with anti blemish and anti wrinkle actions
  • Watch for adulteration, common with emu oil. A yellow to brown color should be a warning sign, and sellers should provide analytical data and certificates of analysis showing that the product is pure
  • Our customers report better results with our fully refined emu oil than with many expensive creams, lotions, and balms

13. Lavender oil for breast tightening and enlargement

Lavender oil is one of the best oil for breast massage. When you think of lavender, the pleasant scent immediately captivates you first, the scent is deep and soothing, leading you to a calm and peaceful world.

Lavender oil mixed with tea tree oil is the best mixture for breast massage. This mixture nourishes the breast tissue, tightens the skin, and makes the breasts more full. After massaging the chest with this oil, you will enjoy large breasts and beautiful smooth skin.

Put a few drops of a mixture of lavender oil and tea tree oil on your chest and massage the chest for 10 minutes, and repeat this every day before bed to get amazing results.

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The Bottom Line

Although these regularly used oils are known to produce the best results, you really don’t have to worry about their side effects. Since most of them are natural oils and herbal types are made from herbal products, don’t really expect to see a side effect on this one. However, if you experience irritation or redness, it is best for you to stop using the product.

Be safe with these natural oil treatments to increase bust size Women love a bigger bust size or they don’t. Although there may be any creams and products for this purpose, try the simplest creams, to begin with. You just have to be consistent with your use. As for the rest, the oil will take care of it.


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