9 Foods to Eat on Your Period to Reduce Cramps

There are many foods you should eat during your period to reduce cramps and bloating. Eating a healthy diet may help you deal with hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle so it is very important to select the right foods to eat during your period to reduce cramps and bloating. Therefore, eating healthy foods throughout the menstrual period can help improve various symptoms.

It’s hard to predict exactly how you’ll feel during your period. While some people hardly experience any symptoms, others struggle to get out of bed with cramping, headache, pain, and nausea. Today, we reveal the best foods to eat during your period to relieve swelling, bloating, mood swings, and more.

According to a report published by the Spanish magazine “Mujer hoy“, the writer Emmanuel Soaz indicated that nutritious and light foods during menstruation may help relieve pain, combat lack of energy, and other symptoms that usually appear during the menstrual cycle.

According to nutritionist and feminine health specialist Marta Leon, one in three women suffers from menstrual disorders related to hormonal balance, some of which fade away with a change of diet.

The author stated that concerning diet during menstruation, Many factors must be taken into account because blood loss during menstruation leads to a regular loss of iron and other nutrients, a condition that makes women more likely to develop anemia than men.

9 Foods to Eat on Your Period to reduce Cramps and bloating

A woman’s body is also more bloated and prone to several symptoms during the menstrual period, and there are certain types of foods that can exacerbate these symptoms.

As a result, during menstruation, women need nutritious foods to compensate for iron deficiency. But these foods should be light to relieve menstrual symptoms.

Here we offer you five choices of foods that relieve menstrual pain.

1- Iron-rich foods to eat when you’re on your period

Iron-rich foods are the best foods to eat during your period. This type of food is very important to prevent anemia. For women during menstruation, be sure to eat iron-rich foods of plant origin, as they are light compared to animal sources of iron.

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Among these foods, we mention vegetables such as spinach, beets, and kale, legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, and beans, and dry fruits such as almonds and pistachios.

It is also recommended to combine these foods with sources of vitamin “C” to facilitate the body’s absorption of iron, similar to lemons or citrus fruits. (1)

2- Calcium, magnesium, and potassium-rich foods

These nutrients are found in foods such as spinach, bananas, broccoli, almonds, dates, and pineapple, and help prevent or reduce cramps that cause pain during menstruation. In addition, these foods have a positive effect on your moods.

3- Eggs are one of the foods to eat on your period 

The iron, fat-soluble nutrients, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and protein in egg yolks do a great job to your period. But if you have a sensitive stomach, avoid hard-boiled eggs, as they can cause gas, bloating, and heartburn. (2)

4- Natural anti-inflammatories

Some foods help to reduce inflammation, treat bloating, and reduce problems caused by menstruation. This group is mainly represented in green vegetables, pineapple, citrus fruits, turmeric, garlic, onions, beets, ginger, and others.

5- Foods to eat on your period- Polyunsaturated fatty acids

This type of food is anti-inflammatory, and also helps improve blood circulation. In this group, we find fish, seafood, nuts (dry fruits), avocado, flax, or chia seeds.

6- Foods rich in fiber

Fiber is one of the most necessary foods to eat during your period to reduce intestinal disorders that can be caused by menstruation, such as constipation. In this regard, the list is extensive and includes vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. (3)

7- Drink plenty of water on Your period 

The author pointed out that there is nothing better than water, whether we drink it or what we consume through fruits and vegetables. Consuming adequate amounts of water helps to reduce fluid retention that causes cramps.

It is also recommended to drink drenched chamomile and sage because it is diuretic and anti-inflammatory.

8- Dark chocolates

You probably don’t need another excuse to eat more chocolate. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods to eat during your period for many reasons. Dark chocolate, which is full of antioxidants, is a portion of great comfort food.

Try to stick with plain dark chocolate instead of a complex candy that is full of toppings and other ingredients. These will only provide empty calories with little or no health benefits.

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9- Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea for period

The last of the list of foods to eat during your period: chamomile tea. This soothing drink can help relax your nerves and your uterus. It reduces the intensity of cramps, eliminates stress and anxiety, and even promotes better sleep. (4)

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Which foods should you avoid during the period?

The author stated that ensuring the benefit of these foods during menstruation needs to get rid of other foods that raise estrogen levels, that is, that increase the feeling of pain.

In this group we find:

1- Salt.

2- Caffeine.

3- Sugar and ultra-processed sugars.

4- Saturated fats.

5- Refined flour.

6- Soft drinks.

7- Pastries.

8- Fried snacks.

9- Fast food.

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