3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Washing Machine

What are the easy ways to clean a washing machine? If you notice that the efficiency of your washing machine in cleaning clothes is no longer the same as it was, or that the clothes have an unpleasant smell even after washing, then your washing machine often needs cleaning

As the accumulation of sediments in it makes it a good environment for the growth of bacteria that causes the annoying “muzzle” smell, and there are more than A way to clean an automatic washing machine with available and safe ingredients that do not affect the life of the washing machine. In this article, we offer you the most important ways to clean the washing machine and get rid of odors stuck in it.

How to clean an automatic washing machine with lemon salt

Lemon salt is one of the ingredients that is used for multiple cleaning purposes. It is a strong and natural cleaner that is extracted from citrus fruits and helps to get rid of lime deposits, soap residue, and accumulations that are attached to the washing machine. Its acidic properties help to eliminate bacteria and also work to eliminate unpleasant odors stuck in the washing machine. And you can use lemon salt to clean the washing machine in the following way:

  • Choose a long wash program (heavy soiled clothes program), and set the temperature to 90°C.
  • Mix one cup of lemon salt with ½ cup of baking soda, or you can just stick with the lemon salt.
  • Add the mixture to the powder drawer, and run the washing machine.
  • Repeat this method once a month, to clean the washing machine and prevent any build-up of deposits or unpleasant odors.

What You Need to Clean a Washing Machine Properly

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Cleaning the washing machine with vinegar and baking soda

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda helps eliminate limescale and lingering odors. To clean the washing machine with this mixture, follow these steps:

  • Mix half a cup of baking soda with a liter of vinegar.
  • Set the washing machine on a heavily soiled program and at a temperature of 90 degrees.
  • Put half of the mixture into the detergent drawer, and turn on the washer.
  • Apply the other half of the mixture to the rinse cycle.

Cleaning the washing machine with oxygen water

Oxygen water helps to get rid of lime deposits and eliminate mold that may form due to moisture in the recessed areas and in the sides of the washing machine, and it also helps to eliminate bacteria that may cause unpleasant clothes smell.

Oxygen water needs a longer period to clean the washing machine deeply, so follow these steps Steps when using it:

  • Add 250 ml of 3% oxygen water to the powder tray.
  • Set the washing machine to the soak cycle, because the oxygen water needs at least three hours to clean the washing machine effectively, or you can set it to the longest washing cycle, and then after it is finished, set it again and repeat the same method.
  • Set the temperature to 90°C, and run the washing machine.

3 Easy Ways to Clean Your Washing Machine

Cleaning the washing machine from the outside

To clean the washing machine from the outside, follow these steps:

  • Sprinkle an amount of vinegar on the outside of the washing machine, as it works to get rid of stains, fingerprints and helps polish the outside of the washing machine.
  • Using a sponge dampened with water, gently rub the washing machine, being sure to use a soft sponge, not a brush or a rough loofah, so as not to scratch the surface of the washer.
  • Dry the surface of the washing machine with a soft, dry cloth. You can use lemon instead of vinegar, which helps to get rid of grease residue, especially if your washing machine is in the kitchen and not in the bathroom.
  • You can also use a multi-purpose cleaner to clean the outer surface of the washing machine, but make sure that it is mild so as not to affect the coating of the washing machine.

Cleaning the washing machine from odors

Many of the above methods help to clean your washing machine and get rid of odors, but if the smell is still lingering, you can try this method:

  • Set the washing machine temperature to 40°C.
  • Add 1 cup of raw chlorine to the washer drawer. Then run it.
  • Add another cup of chlorine bleach with the rinse cycle. Chlorine works as a disinfectant against bacteria that cause odor in your washing machine, and it also helps get rid of mildew caused by moisture.
  • Just make sure to use it with cold or warm water, as chlorine loses its effectiveness with very hot water.

In the end, we mentioned to you more than one way to clean the automatic washing machine, choose the one that suits you, and make sure to clean it once a month to extend its life, maintain its efficiency and get rid of odors stuck in it.

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