5 Best Ab Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

What is the best ab workout to get a flat tummy? Everyone has abdominal fat, regardless of men and women. Especially the excess fat stored in our tummy excessively.

The sad thing is that more than the rest of the body it takes a little longer to reduce abdominal fat. However, it is possible to remove belly fat by regularly exercising with the right rules. In this article, we will focus on the Best abdominal exercises to lose belly fat.

Along with this, there will be some changes in diet. Stop eating a lot of meals at once a day.

Eat five to six times in small amounts. Eat a glass of water after half an hour after eating meals. The dinner needs to be completed by 8:30 pm or the dinner will be completed two hours before sleeping.

This exercise consists of five carefully selected ab workouts to work in the upper and lower ab muscles. Do this exercise three times a week, stick to a healthy calorie diet, do some weight lifting, and you’ll soon notice some serious progress.

How to Do this Ab Workout to Lose Belly Fat ?

This is a fairly advanced exercise, so how do you do it?

Beginners are in a better position than performing only three of the 5 exercises for two sets of each set of as many repetitive, with a minute of rest between sets.

The reasonable goal is to be able to do the five exercises in a large circle at once, rest for a minute or two, and repeat them two more times by the end of 12 weeks.

While building it, feel free to work it out in different ways. For example, I’d like to perform subsets like this:

Repeat 3 times:

  • Exercise 1, rest 30 seconds.
  • Exercise 2, rest 30 seconds.
  • Exercise 3, rest 30 seconds.
  • Exercise 4, rest 60 seconds.
  • Exercise 5, rest 60 seconds.

Note that, I didn’t list any direct slashes. In my experience, direct oblique work only leads to a wider perimeter. Besides, the oblique gets enough stimulation from exercises such as squats, fatal shocks, and other exercises for full body weight.

If you Want to Lose Belly Fat, Adjust these Ab Workouts

1. Seat up

Lie down in a flat place or on the floor. Now fold the legs. The hand is straight along with the knee, in the front.

Now let’s go straight to the front and leave the breath. The legs might be folded. Now go back to the previous state.


Do not stay long while sitting.

Get up again and sit again, and sit back again. This will count once. You have to do this 12 times.

If you have 12 times, take a minute to rest. One minute later you will start again in the same way.

Again, do it 12 times. In this way, one set will be completed. You have to set two times initially.

 2. Crunches:

Lie down on the floor straight. Fold the legs with a little spacing.

Keep your hands behind the two sides of your head. Now go upstairs and leave the breath.


Be careful to blow your breath by blowing your mouth and do not press on the neck.

You will pay attention to your stomach muscles. Do not bend the neck. The neck will be straight and you will be looking at the upper side.

Get down to take a breath, but your head will not fall on the floor; There will be a slight gap in your head from the floor.

Again, get up and down the crunch. It cannot be too fast. Have to make a medium rhythm. You need to do this 12 times a day. If you have 12 times, take a minute to rest. And one minute later you will start again in the same way. Again 12 times.

This is a set of 12 times; Thus you have to set two. Take care of the contraction and expansion of the muscles of your stomach.

3. Leg raises:

Lie down on the floor straight. Pair the legs, two straight up to 90 degrees. The hands will be on the right side. Take a breath and take down the legs in two pairs.


But the legs will not fall on two floors. There will be some distance to the floor with your feet.

In that situation, leave the breath and leave the legs 90 degrees above the rest.

Move down again. From the head to the waist will be on the floor.

In this way, set two to 12 times. This exercise is very beneficial for abdominal fat.

4. Russian Abs Twist- one of the Best abdominal exercises for Flat Abs

Hold the legs straight ahead and sit in front of them. Take a couple of feet by folding the legs to a little higher than the floor. Take the upper part of the body from the waist to the back.


Put hands-on like Nomoskar and once turn left and turn towards or near the right waist, or bring it to the waist. In this way do this 12 times and do two sets. This reduces fatty tissue and belly fat.

5. Planks

Lying on the forehead, folding the two hands in front, lying on the elbows and feet on the feet, the body should be raised in a parallel position.


Stay in this position for exactly 10-15 seconds.

Initially, there will be 10-15 seconds.

After that, you can gradually increase the time to 40-45 seconds.

Thus, once it happens. Do this two to three times.

After each time you will take a little rest.

This reduces the fat off the back and hand with your abdomen.

Plank is one of the best ab workouts for Flat Abs.

If you regularly adjust these exercises, you will definitely get very good results. But remember that you do not need to exercise every day.

In a primary condition, do one day afterward. It will get better results. After the first one to two days, you will feel pain in your stomach muscles.

You will be sure that your exercises are working, that is, the fat cells started to break.

Thus, by stretching for two to three months, you will get better results. And two to three months later you have to choose another exercise. Because the same exercise does not want to work for more days.

In the end, it should be remembered that along with exercise, attention should be given to food. This exercise is not possible by eating unhealthy foods.

Keep food and drink away from sugar. Reduce the extra oily food to eat absolutely. Besides, drink plenty of water.

When To Do The Ab Workouts?

For most people, this routine will perform at least three days a week. An advanced bodybuilder can do this every day.

Personally, I like to go to the gym early and exercise my cardiovascular muscles first thing in the morning, and then come back in the afternoon for weight training. This way, I get increased metabolism twice a day.

If you prefer to exercise in one session, I recommend either performing the ab routine as a warm-up for your weight training or after training if you are going to do a heavy lift like squat or lethal bets. Then do your last heart.

How to Make this Ab Workout Easier

If you can’t do an exercise, for example, because of lower back injuries, feel free to replace it with an exercise that doesn’t bother your back.

On the other hand, if you have a healthy lower back and want to add extra mass to your abs, exercise three times a week and use some resistance in exercises, such as keeping a small plate or dumbbell.

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