What is Red Sandalwood? What are Its Great Benefits for Health and Beauty?

Red sandalwood is one of the types of wood extracted from the sandalwood tree. It is an evergreen tree, about 30 feet tall, and its original home in India.  It is called the Mahlab – not the food mahlab – in many Gulf countries, and this type of sandalwood is distinguished by its aromatic smell and its high therapeutic value.

Sandalwood is a special type of tree wood spread in India in particular. For years, sandalwood has been used by ancient civilizations for its many healing properties.

What is sandalwood? What are its great benefits for health and beauty? Learn about the full benefits of sandalwood and its oil in the following article:

What is Red Sandalwood?

Red sandalwood is also known as -Almug, Saunderwood, Red Sanders, Red Sanderswood, Red Saunders, Rakta Chandana (Indian), Lal Chandan, Ragat Chandan, Rukhto Chandan, Undum.

The red sandalwood tree can be found in the southeastern Ghats mountain range in southern India. This tree is valued for the rich red color of its wood, just like regular Chandan.

Red sandalwood is also sold in powdered form but is somewhat coarser, and is primarily used for grooming purposes. For skin and beauty, it is very effective in reducing blemishes and treating acne, as it helps in removing sunburns and cooling the skin.

Red sandalwood is a popular plant in the Ayurvedic system of medicine and is traditionally used to treat many ailments such as infections, wounds, skin problems, and many more.

Red sandalwood

Sandalwood Powder Benefits

Other than that you will often find it as one of the ingredients in many perfumes because of its effect that extends the life of the fragrance, sandalwood has many health and aesthetic benefits, the most prominent of which are the following:

1. Moisturizing the skin and preventing signs of aging

Sandalwood helps with the following:

  • It has the ability to get rid of dry skin and restore moisture to it, and it is an important ingredient in the list of ingredients for many types of creams that deal with dry skin in particular without any annoying side effects, such as the appearance of pimples.
  • Sandalwood helps prevent free radicals that cause wrinkles and signs of aging on the skin. It also helps tighten the skin and enhance blood flow to it to keep it supple

2. Treatment of acne and itchy skin

Sandalwood powder with turmeric is one of the traditional recipes that help prevent acne and prevent annoying pimples from forming.

  • Sandalwood powder contributes to sterilizing the skin and reducing the chances of irritation and also helps to speed up the healing of wounds.
  • A paste made of sandalwood powder helps stop annoying itchy skin.

3. Sunburn treatment

Putting a little sandalwood powder on the sunburned site will help relieve the discomfort in the affected area and help speed healing, as well as prevent excessive flaking of the skin.

4. Skin whitening and peeling

Asian peoples use sandalwood powder as a paste that is placed on the skin to contribute to lightening it, as it:

  • It is also used on areas of different skin tones to restore a uniform, fresh color to the skin.
  • Sandalwood reaches deep into the pores and helps cleanse them of dirt, allowing the skin to breathe due to its slightly rough nature

5. Red Sandalwood for Skin Pigmentation

Red sandalwood extract is widely used in the cosmetic industry, to reduce or lighten the pigmentation marks or scars on the skin,.

You can easily make face masks at home which are as effective as the products available in the market for pigmentation.

To make the mask at home

  • Mix a few drops of Almond oil in fresh coconut milk.
  • Add red sandalwood powder to make a paste.
  • Use this paste as a face mask to lighten pigmentation and lighten any spots on your skin.
  • You can also mix sandalwood powder with a few drops of milk and apply it regularly.
  • This use of red sandalwood for skin can help you achieve flawless skin.

Red sandalwood for eczema

Eczema is a skin disorder in which the patient suffers from dermatitis.

There is no cure for eczema, but it can be managed using herbal remedies.

To get treatment for the itching and inflammation caused by eczema,

  • Mix camphor with red sandalwood powder
  • Add a few drops of water to make a paste
  • Apply This mixture to the itchy place will calm the skin.

Red sandalwood as an antiseptic

Filled with antiseptic and healing properties, red sandalwood has been used as an antiseptic in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. To use it as a tonic and antiseptic, sprinkle red sandalwood powder on damaged skin.

Red Sandalwood Oil Benefits

Red sandalwood oil

Concentrated sandalwood oil has many benefits as well, here are the most important ones:

1. Reducing tension and relaxing nerves and muscles

As sandalwood oil:

  • It is used in a concentrated form, usually in natural and aromatherapy-based therapies, with the purpose of relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Helps promote the production of the hormone of happiness in the body and a sense of positivity, and helps treat muscle spasms and relaxation

2. Strengthening the gums

Sandalwood oil has the ability to strengthen the gums when used regularly, thus reducing the possibility of tooth loss and falling.

3. Give the body a fragrant scent

Sandalwood oil helps prevent unpleasant body odors, so it is a major component in the manufacture of perfumes and creams, and when used, it has a positive effect on body odor as it lasts for hours.

4. Natural diuretic

Sandalwood oil helps relieve infections in the urinary tract, facilitates the passage of various substances through it, and increases the amount of urine and the number of urination times, ridding the body of toxins.

5. Cough treatment

The oil helps to prevent coughs and colds and to get rid of viruses and infectious diseases that may be caused by them, such as influenza and colds.

6. Lowering blood pressure

  • It is possible to mix a little sandalwood oil with milk or with water and drink it to reduce blood pressure, especially in patients with high blood pressure.
  • It is also possible to apply a paste of sandalwood powder topically on different parts of the body for the purpose of lowering blood pressure.

7. Memory Boost

Sandalwood oil helps to strengthen memory and enhance the ability to focus, and it also helps in maintaining a healthy brain and prevents it from being exposed to stress.

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Red Sandalwood Benefits For Skin

Sandalwood can be used in many ways in your daily beauty routine:

1. Sandalwood for beautiful skin

Here are some recipes, choose what suits you best:

  • Mix a little sandalwood powder with turmeric and rose water, put it on the face and hands, and let it dry before bathing. Regular use of this recipe will give your skin a wonderful appearance.
  • Mix a little sandalwood powder with coconut milk and apply it on the face for 20 minutes, then wash it with cold water to treat dry facial skin.

2. Sandalwood for acne

The uses of red sandalwood include the effective treatment of skin disorders such as acne, and there are many ways in which you can use red sandalwood to treat acne problems, which include an external application as well as eating it through.

  • Red sandalwood can be applied to the face by taking large amounts of mixed equal parts of neem herb powder and red sandalwood and mixing them in a teaspoon of yogurt to make a thick paste.
  • Apply this mask for 15 minutes, then rinse your face with cold water.
  • This face mask should be used once a week, and it will help control acne.
  • Take half a gram of red sandalwood powder, mixed with honey and water, can be taken and drunk, and this method can provide relief from acne more permanently.

Here are some recipes, choose what suits you best:

  • Mix a little red sandalwood powder with turmeric and saffron with some water, then apply the paste on your face leave it for half an hour, and then wash it off with cold water.
  • Mix red sandalwood powder with coconut oil and lemon juice, and apply it to the affected areas of the skin. This mask is left on the skin overnight and then washed with cold water, to reduce acne scars.

Red sandalwood for skin pigmentation

Red sandalwood extract is widely used in the cosmetic industry, to reduce or lighten the pigmentation marks or scars on the skin. You can easily make face masks at home which are as effective as the products available in the market for pigmentation, and to make the mask at home mix a few drops of Almond oil in fresh coconut milk. Add red sandalwood powder to make a paste. Use this paste as a face mask to lighten pigmentation and lighten any spots on your skin. You can also mix sandalwood powder with a few drops of milk and apply it regularly. This use of red sandalwood for skin can help you achieve flawless skin

Red sandalwood powder

Where to Buy Red Sandalwood

Bestseller No. 1
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  • Other uses include mouthwash and tooth powder, as well as an infusion to give drinks a refreshing taste.
  • Red sandalwood is obtained from the red colored wood of the sandalwood tree. Cut red sandalwood has essential oils like sesquiterpenes and cedrol, as well as dyes and flavonoids.
  • Net Weight 1.76 Ounce/50 Gram - Ingredients: 100% Sandalwood, ground - Botanical name: Pterocarpus soyauxii. African padauk or African coralwood.
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  • ✅Mix Equal Quantity Of Wild Turmeric Powder, Red Sandal Powder And Honey And Apply On Face. Wash It After 15-20 Minutes. You Can Substitute Honey With Rose Water, Curd Milk Powder Etc. Use This Combination Once In 2-3 Days. You Will Get Good Result. Moreover It Is The Natural Remedy For Skin.
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  • it acts as a natural exfoliant and skin cleaner, and has blemish-fighting properties.
  • Removes acne/pimples- African Red sandalwood is a good treatment for acne and pimples, and is perfect as a medicinal and cosmetic product. If you are suffering from those irritating pimples and want to get rid of them, apply the red sandalwood powder and water on the infected areas.
  • For Itching and Skin Irritations- If you have itching on any part of your body, and are reluctant to use cosmetics on your skin, then red sandalwood powder is the one you must try. You can mix the red sandalwood powder with Coconut oil and apply on the infected areas
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  • ⭐ Sandalwood powder for skin soothes the wrinkles, fine lines while tightening the skin.
  • ⭐ Sandalwood powder organic face cleanser: Removes dead skin cells, dirt, pollutants from your skin to reveal a fresher and more radiant skin.
  • ⭐ Sandalwood powder is commonly being used to beat skin dryness or acts as moisturizer. It is an effective treatment to decrease skin dryness which now being the main component in a lotion and cream.
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Other recipes you will love

Sandalwood can also be used to make the following recipes:

  • Mix red sandalwood powder with a little rose water and apply the mixture to the areas of sweating to reduce excessive sweating.
  • Mix sandalwood powder with glycerine and a little rose water and put the mixture on the face for 20 minutes daily to treat wrinkles.
  • Use sandalwood oil to relieve stress, relax and relieve headaches.

Red Sandalwood and its Derivatives Side Effects

Red Sandalwood and its derivatives are considered safe when used for aromatherapy or for topical use, but you should pay attention to some precautions when using them, we mention them as follows:

  1. Avoid applying sandalwood oil to the skin in its high concentration, but it should be diluted with carrier oils to avoid skin irritation, rashes, or even chemical burns.
  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to sandalwood fragrance as it can increase blood pressure and raise heart rates.
  3. Avoid taking sandalwood oil because it can cause many side effects, such as itching, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, urination, and kidney damage.

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