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How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

How to lose weight after pregnancy naturally is a difficult question. Because this is not so simple or easy as we expect to see the celebrity people. After childbirth or pregnancy, women’s bodies and minds go through so many changes. The main thing is that a mom’s health condition is related to the baby. Mom’s lacking nutrition can affect the baby’s health directly if she is breastfeeding and also cause health complications. So you have to choose a proper diet chart, exercise plan if you want to lose weight after childbirth according to your lifestyle, baby’s age, your age, and your health condition.

How to lose weight after pregnancy

You have to be realistic :

Don’t get emotional to see women’s magazines or celebrity stories. Of course, it is natural that you want to shed your pregnancy weight, but you have to do it in the right way. World Health Organization (WHO) shows in a study that 1,743 mothers from different countries lost an average of 10.4 pounds (4.7 kg) in the time between two weeks and two years after childbirth.
So you can’t lose all the weight in a month or 10 days which you gained during your pregnancy period. Or it depends on how much weight you gained.

Take your time to lose weight after pregnancy

Your body needs time to recover from all the conditions you go through. If you want to lose weight too soon it can make the recovery time longer. Start your diet or exercise plans after at least your 6-week checkup after childbirth. Or wait until your baby gets 2 months old if you are breastfeeding.

How to lose baby weight

Here are some healthy and easy tips to lose weight after having a baby

1. Never try to skip a meal. Skipping meals will make you less energy, tired and also irritated but not losing any pounds.

2. Try to get into the habit to eat a healthy breakfast full of proteins and vegetables.

3. Try eating 5 to 6 meals in a small proportion.

4. You have to slow down the eating process that will make you feel fuller and prevent you from overeating

5. Choose boiled and baked rather than fried junk foods.

6. Try to avoid sodas, juices with sugar, ice cream which will add extra calories. Try to consume low-fat or non-fat dairy products.

7. Eating out can tempt you to eat unhealthy and high-calorie food. So try to eat at home. It’s the best way to lose weight after childbirth or having a baby.

8. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. If you are tired and feel some to drink green tea or black tea with ginger and honey can be a great option.

9. Bring up your dinner time too early in the night. If you have to stay awake till late at night you can drink milk without sugar or a cup of green tea.

10. Include both healthy and testy colorful foods to your meals like nuts, different types of fruits, yogurt and etc. It’s a simple rule if you have the urge to how to lose weight after childbirth or pregnancy.

How to lose weight after childbirth or having a baby

11. Eating foods that are high in fiber can help to lose weight after childbirth. Soluble fiber helps you to feel fuller and slow down digestion. This you reduce your hunger and calorie intake

12. Proteins are also able to suppress your appetite as well as reducing the hunger hormone ghrelin

13. Sugary drinks, fruit juice, plain sugar, white flour, cakes, biscuits are high in calories and low in nutrients. Try to avoid those foods.

14. Avoid processed foods like chips, cookies, candy, ready meals, etc. They are high in sugar, fats, salt, and calories.

15. Store yogurt in the freezer with some chopped fruits and nuts. whenever you crave something sweet yogurt can be a good option. Add your favorite food essence, such as vanilla, mango, chocolate, and mix it up.

Breastfeeding helps to lose weight after having a baby naturally:

Breastfeeding burns 600 to 800 calories a day so if you want to lose weight doing nothing then breastfeeding is a great option for you! Some moms claim that they lost significant pounds even though they were eating more and not exercising much.

If you are successfully losing weight, you will still be able to produce plenty of milk for your little baby. And breastfeeding helps you to shrink down your uterus after birth and returns it to its normal size. So breastfeeding is a natural way and one of your answer-How to lose weight after childbirth!

Diet and physical activity:

Both nutrition and physical activity play an important role in the process of losing weight. This is process is also applicable to new moms.
Start by walking around the block, if it feels good, walk a little farther the next day. You can maintain this until your 6 weeks checkup. After that, you would be fit to do 20 to 30 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 times a week.


How to lose weight after childbirth or having a babyStart resistance training:

Resistance training like weight lifting is another effective way to lose weight fast. If you combine diet and resistance training, it would do the best. You can join those gyms that offer classes for mothers and babies. In youtube, there are a huge amount of videos related to this topic and there are so many apps to work out with.

Focus on easy and basic exercises that are suitable for your health condition.  There are some exercises that you could try are walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics, yoga and the like.

How to lose weight after childbirth

Get enough sleep :

If you are not getting enough sleep that can affect your weight gain. Though this is quite difficult with a newborn you can ask for help from your family members. Try to get some sleep while your baby is sleeping.

Lower your stress levels to lose weight after pregnancy naturally:

Being a new mom you have to do a set of responsibilities and pressures, and it is natural that you to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Stress can affect your weight loss journey. You can ask your partner to take care of the baby as you can find some me-time. Find out what can relax you and do that.

If you like to dance to music that can be great to burn extra fats. Don’t need to know the moves and steps just enjoy the music and dance. Your baby can be your dance partner.

Drink enough water to lose baby weight:

When people ask for how to lose weight after childbirth drinking enough water is great advice we can offer. Drinking water reduces your appetite and calorie intake. While you are breastfeeding your baby you need to be staying hydrated because your body has to replace the fluid you lost through milk production.

How to lose weight after childbirth

Find a group to get support to lose weight after childbirth:

Some study proved that people who engage in a group-based weight loss program they get a good result than a solo workout. Engage your friends and neighbors who are interested to lose weight so that your walking or other exercises can be enjoyable. The focus point is not to get bored and find someone who notices your transformations.

Now you got to know how to lose weight after childbirth or pregnancy naturally or how to lose your baby weight. So ask your doctor if you are able to start a diet or physical movement.

Please stay motivated and don’t quit. You have a pretty dress that is not fitting right now, am I right? Keep it at the front of your mirror. That will keep you motivated by how many pounds you have to lose. Losing baby weight is not so easy so Patience and perseverance are the keystones here.

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