Hand Embroidery Design Tutorial for Baby and kids Dress

This is a quite a simple hand embroidery design. You can use this design for ant kinds of the neck such as babies dress, kids dress, kameez’s neck, blouse neck, kurta neck etc.

Hand Embroidery design

At first, you have to draw an outline for the design with a pen or pencil. Then make the white lines with the white threads. Now make the small flowers. I have used only one color shade. You can use as much as you like.

Hand Embroidery design

Hand Embroidery design

Now, make the branches and the leaves with green shade thread. If you want you can use only light green or dark green. The making of leaves is so simple. Just make some chain stitch.hand embroidery design-shopnodana-(infograph)

Please watch the full tutorial on our Youtube channel. Let us know how can we help you. I hope you will try this Hand Embroidery design for your dresses.

Watch this hand embroidery design tutorial 

Easy hand embroidery sewing trick

Hand embroidery design for neck

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