Regrowth Hair by Eating These Foods Naturally

regrowth hair by eating this food

Hey there, you can regrowth your hair by consuming this blessing foods on a regular basis. You just need to continue the process. According to Mayo Clinic, eating a diet rich in specific nutrients can lead to better body functioning. This, in turn, leads to some obvious signs of health, including shiny, stronger and possibly … Read more

A slimming drink easy to make and reduce belly fat very quickly

A slimming drink,easy to make and reduce belly fat very quickly

Have you got tired of too much exercise and dieting? But still, there is no difference? Diet and exercise cannot reduce the fat of the stomach? So this is a great slimming drink for you. You can make this drink yourself with a few components. The taste is good, there are no side effects at the same … Read more

Hibiscus rose or leaves, which is more effective?

Many people ask me what to use as a hair pack, hibiscus leaves or flowers? In fact, many of us do not know that the hibiscus leaf is also effective in hair care like Java/hibiscus flower. Although not as noble as rosemary or rose it is really inconceivable that the fruitfulness of the hibiscus rose flowers and leaves off for the hair is really remarkable. Not only flowers, but the leaves also come in many ways, including reducing hair loss.

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Borhani making at home with yogurt-salted mint lassi

Borhani-salted mint lassi-shopnodana

To bring some relief to the heat of summer, the quality of the yogurt is infinite(1). There is more vitamin ‘B’, calcium and potassium than milk in the yogurt. There are no carbohydrate and fat in it. Yogurt is made by bacterial fermentation of milk that boosts our digestive health. It produces the same good bacteria found in our gut. Yogurt contains additional good bacteria named probiotics. It helps to prevent disease and cure. Regularly starting to eat yogurt, its results are available as well. The most popular method of eating yogurt is to make borhani and drink as other milkshakes. 

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Instant juice, which can be preserved for a month

Instant juice, which can be preserved for a month

Instant juice is a super easy process to serve something to your friends or guests.There was a time when we used to buy instant powders from the market to make instant juice. If there were any guests that were actually the best serving. Now we can make lots of juice, instantly. Blend lemon, mangopineapple or any other fruits whatever you like with ice cubes, and sugar, the drink is ready.

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