How To Make More Money Blogging


You know everyone assumes bloggers are full of tricks, right! Blogging is a joke for a large part of the world. It’s not a job. It is not an approach to profit. It is not an apparatus for changing the world.

In many people’s opinions, it is a leisure activity, a diversion, a madness that goes back and forth. Granted, you can start a site, but you don’t need to get anywhere. It’s just pointless.

Tell your family, companions, or co-workers that you need to quit your job and benefit from blogging. They’ll grin kindly and ask, “Does anyone really benefit from this?”

Yes, they need you to have dreams. Yes, they need you to chase them. Yes, they need you to be successful.

But they also have to be “sensible”. 

Unless you get the chance to really improve your life, consider getting an advanced degree, writing a book, or even starting your business without hanging all of your trusts and dreams on a mind-boggling little blog. There is no money in it.

On the other hand, there is the hand.


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Here’s the thing:

You are not a fool You can make money blogging.

Hence, you need to bring the bacon home and show other people what you know.

Teachers do it. This also applies to open speakers and top-notch developers. The consulting world is a $ 415 billion industry, for God’s sake. And what do the experts do?

Blogging is the same. They are definitely old models with some rocket fuel, online network affinity.

To be honest, we should call this the first lesson:

    • How To Make More Money Blogging In 2020 Up To $$$$$ [guide]
      • 1) You’re not just a blogger
      • 2) Don’t sell ads
      • 3) Build the funnel in reverse order
      • 4) There is no such thing as a “shabby” market
      • 5) You are the bottleneck
      • 6) In the beginning, creating content for your own blog is stupid
      • 7) Don’t waste time on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on.
      • 8) Promote the crap out of your content
      • 9) Start selling from day one
      • 10) Teach others what you have learned
      • How to make a living as a paid travel blogger
    • Monetize your WordPress blog quickly and easily
    • Ecommerce 101
      • Easy setting:
      • Support:
      • Security:
      • Speed:
      • Optimized checkout:
      • Cell phone, mobile phone:
    • When you sell a few items
    • When selling multiple products
    • You can benefit from your blog!
    • What is blog flipping? Earn from trading websites and blogs
  • The most common ways to turn the pages of blogs
    • 1) Buy Re-Build and Sell:
    • 2) Build and Sell:
      • Muhammad Yousaf Interview: Dynamic Marketer & # 038; Flippa expert
      • Do you need more time and energy growing your blog? Consider automating today
      • 5 tips to start your own blog to be successful
      • Final Thought: What is Blog Flipping: Make Earnings Trading Websites and Blogs

How To Make More Money Blogging In 2020 Up To $$$$$ [guide]

1) You’re not just a blogger

You are a master, an educator, a trainer, possibly an ambitious person. Your site is essentially a launchpad for each of these things.

Take a look around and you will find that almost all “bloggers” with above-average salaries have books, courses, a side job as a keynote speaker, or even a programmer. You benefit from it. Their web journal is simply the “giveaway” they offer to attract customers or customers.

2) Don’t sell ads


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Showing ads is tempting because the revenue is easy. Usually, however, you can make 3-10x more money using the same “promotional area” to advertise your articles and administrations, or even push a side article.

Pat Flynn, for example, makes about $ 50,000 a month in commissions pushing Bluehost.

We generally push our articles, but we’re also currently piping leads for Leadpages and Stablehost, both of which offer robust commissions (and are exceptional articles too!).

Learn: Interview with Michelle from MakingSenseofcents: Earn $ 13,000 a Month Blogging

3) Build the funnel in reverse order

We have closed all deals channels.

An organization lures you in with a giveaway, then they offer you something shoddy, however overwhelming, and then keep persuading you to buy more expensive things. It’s a tried and true advertising strategy, and you should completely create a deals pipe for your website.

What you may not know is that on the contrary, you should be making it.

A significant number of bloggers post a humble digital book as their first article and afterward are amazed if they don’t benefit. Here’s why: the real benefit is at the end of the channel, not the beginning.

Selling eBooks is fine if you have to sell about six more expensive items to your customer a while later. However, there is absolutely no point in not doing this. You are much better off making and selling extravagant items in the first place and then making less expensive and less expensive items step by step.

If you want to offer a few less extravagant items, you can offer them to new people first, protected by the knowledge that you have something more useful up your sleeve to offer later.

4) There is no such thing as a “shabby” market

“Anyway, Jon,” I can hear you stutter. “I can’t sell a $ 10,000 item! My clients don’t have that much money. ”

My reaction: you are 98% correct. If you don’t just offer multimillionaires, the greater part of your customer base cannot bear the cost of premium items. What is interesting, however, is that it makes no difference. At times you can benefit from the 2% than from the total of 98% that are affiliated.

For example, our $ 10,000 article is a year-long writer drilling system – a gathering not exactly known for its wealth, but I generally fill in any of the 10 spots within minutes of the project opening. Here’s why: I’m telling 40,000 journalists about it. 2% of 40,000 are 800 people who might buy an item in this value range. By tolerating only 10, I am making a circumstance of astonishing lack.

You can do this too regardless of your rundown being much smaller. If you don’t get the chance to have 100 backers, two of them may be willing to buy premium items or administrations from you, and these two will often pay you more cash than the other 98 you’ve joined.

5) You are the bottleneck

In fact, time is our most serious problem as bloggers. Not only is it expected that a consistent stream of substance will be disseminated in our online journals, but we also need to manage specific topics, read books and articles about our subject, offer new articles, answer questions from readers … the rundown goes on endlessly.

The further you go in, the more it becomes clear that there is not everything you can do.

So what’s the answer?

Whether you accept it or not, I discovered answers from thinking about putting together procedures. Indeed, in the event that one machine in one facility is working slower than others, it can cost the organization a large number of dollars per hour.

To make sure this never happens, shrewd operations administrators are ready to use loads of cash to clean up bottlenecks.

You have a limitless plan because the cost of removing the bottleneck is never adjacent to the cost of the bottleneck itself.

The same applies to us, apart from the regularly distinguishable results. For example, as opposed to buying another machine, we can buy a different type of programming that computerizes part of our business, or we can hire a virtual partner or developer. It might be expensive, yes, but it is

Good in case you don’t save enough time as you can then use this time for higher quality exercises.

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6) In the beginning, creating content for your own blog is stupid

I’ve tried sneaking this under Lesson 8, but I think it’s important enough to get my own number regardless of whether it’ll make me an apostate and burn me at the stake. Since here is the arrangement:

At first, your site looks like an empty classroom. Staying upfront and giving an address is pointless because no doubt it will make you feel in the first place, but no one will tune in.

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You are in solitude and you can imagine the most brilliant and fascinating address ever, but it doesn’t matter because no one else has heard.

When you’re starting out, composing content for your own online journal is one of the least skilled methods of building your group of viewers.

Obviously, it is better if you spend a little time as a “visiting teacher” first. As such, write visitor posts for another person’s crowd, admire the damnation inside of them, and take advantage of a portion of their readership for yourself.

7) Don’t waste time on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on.

Here’s an alternative madness: you know your imagination of developing a huge anus on Facebook or Twitter and then using it to promote your online journal?

Other than that, it’s a stupid thought. Of all of what we tried, building our social networking records yielded the least discounted guest for each hour. At the end of the day, it is perhaps the most terrifying way you can invest your time.

Does that mean there is no point in having supporters in these places?

No. Facebook is decent given the fact that you can advertise to your followers. Google+ can help you support your web crawler rankings. In fact, with those wins, it shouldn’t be close to your rundown’s top priority for things to do.

As I would like to think, you shouldn’t think about them until you reach 10,000 endorsers and then outsource the management to someone else. The more efficiently you can use your time in different places, for example

8) Promote the crap out of your content

The problem is that practically no one pushes their substance enough. What’s more with “Progress”, I don’t want to post your posts on Twitter and Facebook. I’m talking about the reach of bloggers – the method of building associations with influencers and asking them to share your work.

At the very least, you should invest in exactly the same amount that you put in to make your substance. So if you devote 10 hours a week to blogging, you should also devote 10 hours a week to work.


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Can you not do that? At this point, you are reducing the amount of substance you are making. Spend five hours blogging and five hours blogging. They improve the results.

9) Start selling from day one


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How far would it be a good idea for you to hold out before starting the offer? 1Kor 10K supporters! Or even more!

No Start the offer from the very first moment. Here’s why:

One of the biggest variables that will affect the pace of your development is who you can hire to help you. Since you are the bottleneck, you need to hire a virtual partner and someone to handle most of the specialized points of interest when you may, but obviously, need cash.

Hence, you need to start offering at a good pace.

Right now a warning: Don’t turn your web journal into a huge deals pitch. Nobody likes that. You should and then bring about something that your crowd needs and needs.

Don’t push them on it, just make it accessible and remind them every now and then that they can buy it.

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10) Teach others what you have learned

Currently, we are going to the purpose behind this post.


It is my obligation. If individuals are unlikely to value blogging as a true blue plan of action, those of us who are effective need to talk about it and offer what we have learned.

None of us work in a vacuum. All in all, we can advance our field by conveying what we have learned overall.

What’s more, it’s a field. There are so many people around the world who bring home the bacon from blogging. The problem is that there is no warehouse, a focus group where we can all discuss and benefit from each other. We will change that in the next few months.

In the meantime, could you help me?

Offer this post. So it will get me moving, and others can see that blogging can really bring you real blue pay. It may even help them read this.

To be honest, aren’t we here to do that? Should we help individuals?

Finally, this is what I love most about blogging: every article we distribute, every course we take, every instructional phone call we make can change someone’s life.

Perhaps not on a large scale in general, but we touch thousands of large numbers of people and make their lives just that little bit better. We advise you, we move you and we give you the guide to make your fantasies come true.

“The first thing to think about working as a paid travel blogger is how to make money traveling.” – It was my first thought before starting a career as a professional blogger.

Agree, it is the work of your dream. Travel blogging is like a paid hobby (if you do everything correctly and deliberately, you can take care of not only yourself but your relatives as well).


I dreamed of such work, but all my ambitions collapsed. Because I didn’t follow the first rule in a job like this: “You won’t make any money for a long time.” That is why I am here to help you avoid my mistakes. How To Make Money Blogging Travel:

How to make a living as a paid travel blogger

  1. Be confident, think positively

I started making money in about four months. What’s nice is that it sorts out people who aren’t serious.


You are like an apprentice. You don’t have complete information. They have no stable income and no support. Find support first – it can be your friends, relatives, or people who like your idea. Ask for financial help.

Make sure the websites and companies are not interested in investing as you have no experience and there is not enough time to showcase your work as a full, professional blog.

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Having savings and diversifying your income as much as possible is important, but more importantly, asking yourself if you are ready to deal with the emotional roller coaster ride that entrepreneurship means.

  1. Live cheaply abroad

Find some cheap countries that don’t need a lot of money. For this you help our internet, you just have to find the necessary information, I did it this way – found the articles “12 cheap countries on the student budget”, made my schedule and counted my money.

  1. Forget your pride for a while


It’s okay to ask someone to make a donation. For example, if you are in Cambodia in the Banteay Meanchey province (there are twenty-four other provinces) offer the next edition if you are in another province if they donate a certain amount of money to you. Or you can do something to pay for it.

  1. Fill the land as it feels their habitats

Where can you get money if nobody is donating? I know the answer – work there, find some interesting, specific ones for your country job. That way, you’ll understand how to make money on a travel blog.


Show your terms, show the people who work there, show your attitude towards the job and show how much you can make in that position. It is useful information for your followers.

  1. Nobody likes the advertising

This is the most convenient way to get paid. And in our new informative web world, it’s a real income and an opportunity to promote yourself. Find some advertising agencies (you need to work at least 4 months) and offer your blog for advertising placement.

It can be such websites:

Hope you enjoy these tips on how to make a living as a paid travel blogger. What do you think of this post? Please share it in the comments below.

What’s more the best? How To Make More Money Blogging In 2020 Up To $$$$$ [guide]

We get paid for it. It is our occupation.

I just wish more people knew it was a good job. We should change that, could we?

Monetize your WordPress blog quickly and easily

Many bloggers write because they love to write. Others blog to make money.

And some want both.

E-commerce doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking or stressful. There are some extremely easy and affordable options to sell without hiring a developer. Regardless of your WordPress knowledge, there is an eCommerce option that is safe and easy to set up.

As a blogger, your focus is on building a community of followers who are interested in what you have to say. This is an instant niche market for selling your unique products. With the right approach, you can easily leverage your existing audience and create a new profit stream for your blog.

Ecommerce 101

There is a wide variety of WordPress cart or buy button plugins. The possibilities are endless and there is a huge learning curve. Some work better for physical products, while others are best for digital products. If you are new to eCommerce, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing an eCommerce solution.

Easy setting:

Check out how easy it is to set up. Some are hosted on your server and some are for you. For example, WooCommerce is hosted on your server while a solution like Shopify or Selz is hosted for you.


You never know when you will need it. So check out the free support options. There is nothing more frustrating than spending valuable time on forums than receiving direct help.


The security of the website is essential. Your customers need to trust your sales process or they will never buy. Check if you need an SSL certificate for your site and make sure the plugin/solution is PCI compliant (which is required to process payments).


Website speed is often overlooked, but potential customers are very sensitive to page load times. Statistics show that 57% of customers leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. So make sure that your pages are not slowed down by plugins or shopping carts.

Optimized checkout:

An optimized checkout process is simple, quick, and straightforward. Try a system before choosing an eCommerce option. Avoid eCommerce systems that remove customers from your website and don’t choose an option that prompts them to register before making a purchase.

Cell phone, mobile phone:

Mobile e-commerce will account for 30% of global e-commerce sales by 2018, and 52% of tablet users prefer to shop with a tablet. Make sure the option you choose has a great mobile option.

When you sell a few items

If you only want to sell a few items, you can incorporate an e-commerce option right into your blog. Woo Commerce is a popular choice for physical and digital items. WooCommerce has a bit of a learning curve to make sure it works properly. It’s free to use, but you’ll need $ 80 worth of extensions if you want more than a simple PayPal checkout.

Selz is newer and remarkably easy and quick to set up on your website. A quick copy and paste and you’re done. Selz hosts everything, including the entire ordering process.

You can use Selz for services, physical and digital products. It’s packed with useful features, including video streaming and downloads to Kindle and Dropbox. It’s free to set up and there is a small fee per sale. In fact, you can try it for free if you give away your products like a free e-book for the newsletter registration.

A great example of a blogger who understands how to use their blog is Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise. He sells his popular books directly from his WordPress website using a Selz plugin. He has developed products that fit the theme of his blog: Retreat to life on the island through smart blogging.


When selling multiple products

If you want to sell multiple products, you can embed a simple online store in one page of your blog. You can do this with ECWID or Selz. Both host products, check out and store digital products for you. You are responsible for the security, payments, and delivery of every digital sale.

ECWID charges a monthly fee for the sale of more than 10 products plus the costs of the payment processor. There are no themes to choose from, but it’s easy to use and you don’t need any special coding skills.


Another option is to create a hosted online store and link it to your blog. With Selz, you can create an online store with customizable pages for $ 9.99 per month.

Shopify or BigCommerce are other popular hosted eCommerce websites. Prices start at $ 29 per month plus transaction fees per sale. Take advantage of the free trials to find out which are easier and most suitable for your needs.

Once you’ve chosen your store theme and added your products, you can add a Store link to the navigation of your blog. The advantages of this type of online store are safety, speed, and maximizing sales.

You can benefit from your blog!

You write and expand your audience every day. Between social media and blogging, you have your own tribe. Your blog audience is the perfect niche market to sell your unique products. Of course, you shouldn’t turn your blog into a sales page as your readers will run away in horror.

Sean Wes shows in his podcast how you can market your products and services without feeling uncomfortable. Remember, your audience already loves your blog. They are just waiting to buy your unique products.

What is blog flipping? Earn from trading websites and blogs

” Turning the pages of blogs is one way of making money online by trading the websites and blogs. This includes buying and selling the websites and blogs where you buy each blog at a low price and then sell it at a higher price have to.”

Many websites are available for sale all over the internet. Let’s look at them from a different angle than making money. Let’s say someone on a blog has the problem they face when choosing a domain name, when you choose a domain name there are 90% chance that the domain name is already registered.

However, when he visits that domain name, he may find that the domain name is for sale with little or no content. Then he thinks if no one is using that domain name, why should they buy it?


They bought this domain because he needs this domain and they want to sell him this domain for a higher price. If he really wants this domain name that has good potential and old authority, he has to buy it at a price higher than what it was originally supposed to cost per domain name. And with this method they make money.

Many pinballs earn good money by selling to other blogs and earn a lot of money online.

The most common ways to turn the pages of blogs

1) Buy, Re-Build and Sell:

Speaking of first purchase, buy, re-build and sell:

With this method, the first thing you need to do is buy an existing blog on the internet. The blog must be at least 6 months old.
Before you buy a blog, you should do a little research on it and keep the following points in mind for better resale value.

  • The blog needs to have daily visitors, the number may be fewer, but few people should visit it daily. The number should be at least 200 per day.
  • The blog must not be penalized by Google Panda and Penguin.
  • Analyze the full Google Analytics report and check which visitors to the country visit the blog.
  • Check the income on site. If you want to buy a blog for $ 100, it must already be more than $ 10 a month.
    After buying a blog, you can work on it to do better. In other words, you have to recreate it.
    Restoring a blog can take some time.
  • Make some changes to the design of the blog to make it different from the previous blog.
  • Share the blog on social media.

The main motive here is to increase the daily visitors to the blog and make it look different. Now you can sell the blog at a higher price

Various platforms are available for marketing a blog.

2) Build and Sell:


Now, let’s move on to the second method.
With this method, you need to create your own blog and then sell it. It guarantees massive profit as the first way since you don’t have to buy a blog.
There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a blog for sales

  • Choose the blog niche and idea wisely.
  • Buy a brand new domain and hosting.
  • Improve blog design, instead of spending money on topics, you can buy them cheaply from various websites such as Genesis and Elegant Themes.
  • Regularly publish the content on the blog.
  • The quality of the content plays an important role in the sale of your siteto invest time for content creation.
  • Do all aspects of search engine optimization like link buildingSMO, etc.

After 6 to 8 months of regular work, your blog will be ready to be sold at a high price.

Here are some websites you can sell your blog on:

Some websites allow you to sell the blog for free. However, some websites have listing and selling fees.


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Final Thought: What is Blog Flipping: Make Earnings Trading Websites and Blogs

Blog flipping is the best way to make a handsome amount of money by spending little time and money on this blog. On the websites listed above, Flippa is the best option to sell your blog for free. You may not get a lot of money at the start of blog flipping, but once you learn the basics, you will definitely make a good amount of money.

Let me know if you’ve sold a blog before in the comments section. Show your love and support by sharing this post on all popular social media platforms.

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