How To Treat Anemia With Foods- 20 Best Home Remedies

How To Treat Anemia With Foods- 20 Best Home Remedies

Anemia is a condition that occurs when your body’s red blood cell count is less than normal or your red blood cells do not have the required amount of hemoglobin. Approximately 3 million Americans suffer from anemia.Hemoglobin is an iron-based protein that helps blood cells carry oxygen to different parts of the body. When you […]

8 Signs You’re Addicted to Sugar-How to Stop Sugar Craving

8 Signs You’re Addicted to Sugar And How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Are you craving a sweet treat after every meal? Or at the same time every day? Sugar craving is a common fact, especially among women. Those with a craving for sugar feel a craving for something sweet and can find it difficult to control themselves around food.  Want to know the truth about sugar? Well, … Read more

Side Effects And Benefits Of Folic Acid For Girls Hair, Skin and Health

Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate, a natural B vitamin that is used by the body to manufacture DNA and other genetic material. It is especially important in prenatal health. The side effects and benefits of Folic Acid for Girls may differ for many different girls. It is one of the most important … Read more

Milk Nutrition-10 Science-Based Health Benefits of Milk

Milk Nutrition-10 Science-Based Health Benefits of Milk

Milk is the first food that you are introduced to after birth and continues to be the baby’s sole source of nutrition for many months post-delivery. However, this singular dependence on milk as a vital source of nourishment tends to dissipate as the baby grows older and becomes capable of processing solid foods.Milk tends to […]

Korean Skincare Routine-Unspoken Secrets of Beautiful Skin

Korean skin care

All products recommended on Shopnodana are independently selected by our editorial team. If you make a purchase through any of these links, we may receive a commission.Learn more about our product selection process here. Korean skincare routine is a multi-step process and is one of the best aesthetic routines in the world. The culture of skincare and … Read more

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