Mango Biryani recipe which is very healthy food.

Mango Biryani recipe

Biryani is a popular dish made with rice and meat. But Biriani is too rich in calories. Fatty red meat this summer is very harmful. So what about Biriyani! There are now raw green mangoes in the market. You can find different types of mangoes. Then let us make mango Biryani? Hope this will taste good … Read more

Poisonous 12 foods are already in your daily diet

Poisonous 12 foods are already in your daily diet.

Poisonous foods are in your kitchen! How much effort we have to keep our family and ourselves healthy! Fresh vegetables and fruits are on our daily food list. But do you know that there are many fruits and vegetables, which have special parts, which are full of many poisonous substances, which are a severe health … Read more

How to Make and Preserve Roti for the Whole Week

How to make and preserve Roti for the whole week

Do you have enough time for making breakfast? If they follow a small tip, then it would be very easy to get breakfast in the morning. people who wake up in the morning and have to make roti or chapati for the family members, if they make them while watching television at night and keep them in … Read more

Weight loss tips-eat this 7 foods to get an attractive figure

Weight loss foods

Want to get some weight loss tips? If you are interested to make yourself attractive you have to follow some rules. Here is a weight loss tip to get an attractive figure. At first, you have to control your food habit. Avoid heavy meals that are full of cheese, butter, sugar, and deep-fried foods. Weight … Read more

12 foods you must avoid to lose lower belly fat fast

How to lose lower belly fat

Lower Belly fat is the unwanted fat that makes your pants feel tight, appears when you are wearing comfortable clothing. If you are wondering how to lose lower belly fat fast, don’t worry. A few simple actions can make this impossible dream a reality. If targeted the right way, weight loss in a short time … Read more