Hair loss causes and how to stop hair loss naturally

Hair loss causes and how to stop hair fall

What is hair loss? Hair loss is also known as alopecia or baldness that refers to loss of hair from a particular area of the head or the whole head area.  The severity of hair loss can vary from a small area to the entire body. Hair loss in some people may cause psychological distress. It is normal and … Read more

Hand Embroidery Design Tutorial for Baby and kids Dress

Hand embroidery Design

This is a quite a simple hand embroidery design. You can use this design for ant kinds of the neck such as babies dress, kids dress, kameez’s neck, blouse neck, kurta neck etc.

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Hand Embroidery Design for Your Dress Neck

The hand embroidery design is so much popular among us. We are all fond of beautiful embroidery designs. In this article, I have shown a beautiful and simple hand embroidery design for the neck. You can use this awesome design for your blouse, tops, kameez, kurta, and also for your kid’s and baby’s dress. I … Read more

Regrowth Hair by Eating These Foods Naturally

regrowth hair by eating this food

Hey there, you can regrowth your hair by consuming this blessing foods on a regular basis. You just need to continue the process. According to Mayo Clinic, eating a diet rich in specific nutrients can lead to better body functioning. This, in turn, leads to some obvious signs of health, including shiny, stronger and possibly … Read more

Aloe Vera for health and beauty around the world

Aloe Vera for Health and Beauty around the world

Aloe vera is also known as lily of the desert, burn plant and elephant’s gall-according to Organic Facts It is known from Egyptian folklore that the originality of the beauty is its Latin name Elvira alias Vaurekumari. And this is the secret of Egypt’s Ptolemy dynasty, the diplomat and later the wife of Seia Cleopatra’s skin beauty. … Read more

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