Hand Embroidery Design Tutorial for Baby and kids Dress

Hand embroidery Design

This is a quite a simple hand embroidery design. You can use this design for ant kinds of the neck such as babies dress, kids dress, kameez’s neck, blouse neck, kurta neck etc.

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Hand embroidery tutorial for kids dress

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery design for kids  and baby’s dress:

I like to work with simple designs. Here is an idea to stitch on your kids or baby’s dress. Hope you enjoy it.

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Hand Embroidery Design for Your Dress Neck

The hand embroidery design is so much popular among us. We are all fond of beautiful embroidery designs. In this article, I have shown a beautiful and simple hand embroidery design for the neck. You can use this awesome design for your blouse, tops, kameez, kurta, and also for your kid’s and baby’s dress. I … Read more

Embroidery design tutorial for the beginners

shopnodana- embroidery design

This is a step by step easy tutorial for the beginners. Who has started learning new techniques about hand embroidery? Here you can find some super cool ideas. In this article, you can learn how to embroidery stitch on clothes. You can learn how to embroider flowers and how to embroidery leaves.

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Old jeans DIY craft ideas-how to reuse the jeans

Creating something different from the old jeans.

We all have some old, unused jeans pants. I used to see my mother never throw them away. She used to reuse them in many ways. Here are some ideas for you (Old jeans DIY craft ideas). As jeans are too thick and strong, you can make whatever you want. Old jeans DIY craft ideas Cut … Read more

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